10 Tips and Tricks for Mastering iOS 10

July 10, 2017 ( iOS )
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Apple released the latest version of IOS in September this year. This new update is special because it not only fixes the bugs and complaints the users had previously, but also adds numerous new features that make the ios experience even more enjoyable and desirable for Apple users. Even though, most people feel that they are fully aware about all the features Apple has to offer, there are many new hidden tweaks that we will help you unravel and by the end of this article you will know everything about the new mobile operating system and its update.

Many things have been changed to facilitate the users and we are going to cover each application separately.


Keep Yourself Notified!

Previously, users had to press the Home button to view their notification. Well, Apple has made it easier to do so. Now, all you have to do is to pick your phone, and you will have all your messages, reminders, missed call, time and date and social networking notifications in front of you. In order to do so:

  • Go to the Settings App
  • Select Display and Brightness
  • And then activate the option of Raise to Wake.

ios-10-raise-to-wake-100671776-medium-idgeThe All New Control Center:

IOS 10 brings quite some changes to the control center. Although it can be accessed in the same way as before, that is by swiping the screen from bottom to up, but it has numerous more options now. Previously the control center only consisted of a single page. Now Apple has expanded the Control Center into two pages. The first page consists of all the options you can enable or disable (for example Wifi, Airplane Mode, Night mode, Bluetooth and Screen Rotation), Brightness adjustment setting, and shortcut to apps like camera, calculator, torch etc. The second page has all the music controls, such as the volume adjustment setting, selecting songs from playlist and gives access to all the music apps (SoundCloud, iTunes etc).


Camera Is Always Ready!

Apple has also changed how to access the Camera from a locked screen. Before the update, Apple users had to swipe the tiny camera icon that appears at the bottom of the locked screen, from bottom to top in order to open camera. It was often missed by some users and they ended up opening the control center. Hence, Apple made it easy for their users. Now they simply have to swipe the screen in the right to left direction, anywhere on the screen of their iPhones or iPads.


Slide To Unlock? No More!

For the very first time since iPhones have been introduced, Apple has changed the way it is unlocked. The Slide to Unlock is a signature feature Apple always kept in all its updates. Well, not any more. Now Apple users can unlock their phones by pressing the Home button. This might come as shock to some users and they might not like it. So if you want to keep it the old way, just enable the Fingerprint Touch ID and you will be able to unlock your device by touching the Home button. In order to do so: 

  • Enable the Touch ID security to unlock your phone
  • Then open Settings
  • Select the option General
  • Open Accessibility
  • Select Home Button
  • And enable the option Rest Finger to Open


Get Rid Of Preinstalled Apps:

For the very first time, with the introduction of this new update, Apple allows its users to delete the preinstalled apps that come when you purchase the new device. The method is simple: hold and press any icon for about three seconds until all the icons start to shake and delete the preinstalled apps you never use or need, by pressing the small grey cross on the top corner.


Share Your Notes!

Although iOS 9 also introduced significant and useful changes in the notes app, but iOS 10 changes the whole dynamic. Now with the Notes app there is a new share icon in the top right hand side corner. By selecting the share option, you can add people to this note via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. This will allow your friends to edit your note whenever they want.

Sleep Well!

In the 21st century we have become so used to our cellphones that they tend to keep us awake long past our bedtime. WE play games, swift through notifications and as a result wake up tired and exhausted the next day. Well, Apple has apple done its best to accommodate its users and with the new iOS 10 it makes sure that they get their sleep. The new Clock app has a darker outlook to prevent your eyes from getting hurt in bed. iOS 10 offers a new Bedtime option at the bottom which is also linked to the Health App. This monitors the users’ sleep and you can tell the app how many hours sleep you want. Users can also select the Bedtime Reminder option which gives alert at Bedtime.


Send Away Hand Written Messages:

The new iOS 10 allows Apple users to send messages in their own handwriting. Although the handwritten notes were introduced in the iOS 9, but the new update takes it to the next level. In order to do so, follow the simple steps below:

  • Open the messages app and select the option of create new message
  • Turn your phone in the horizontal screen mode to enable the handwriting option
  • Use your finger to write the message in the white space
  • Tap done and send


Emoji For Any Text:

Emoji has been an all-time favorite feature for iPhone and iPad users. The new update has enhanced the Emoji experience. It not only introduces new emoji icons but also an exciting new feature. Now, if you type something for which there is a similar emoji, the text will be highlighted and you have the option of swapping it with that emoji. There are several options and you can tap to pick the equivalent you would like. For example the word ‘love’ has four emoji equivalents.

Have Your Calls Announced:

Now if your hands are busy or you are far away from your phone, have the Siri announce your callers’ name or number. Now in order to do so:

  • Open the Settings and select the Phone App
  • Now toggle the option of Announce Calls
  • You can customize when you want to announce your calls: always, when your headphones are in place or when you are using CarPlay in a vehicle.

Using the iPhone or iPad with the latest update is a new and exciting experience. Apple has received a very positive feedback on the new upgrade and many bugs and issues in the previous software have been dealt with. The apps look refreshed and new. It makes many people feel like they have bought a new phone and love the change and tweaks that it offers. The final verdict is that once you get the hand of it, you will definitely enjoy it!

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