10 Tricks To Save/Make Space On Your iPhone

July 14, 2017 ( iPhone )
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Are you regularly running out of the storage space on your iPhone and that troubles you? Believe me, it is nothing new for the iPhone users to run out of the storage capacities on their iPhones whether you have 64GB or the 16GB. There are some moments when you will definitely be running out of the space capacity on your iPhone.

This is one of the most common problems you or any other smartphone owner may face at a certain point. And since we have for long considered it as our job to answer to your problems and provide efficient enough solutions that are easy and sufficing enough for you. So here we are, yet with another guide that will help you in creating, making, or saving space on your iPhones.

Here are the Tips!

Here are the 10 tips mentioned below, that will lead you to the relief of all your iPhone’s storage space related worries. You can thank the iOSappers later.

1) Deleting apps, not in use:

One of the most effective and in use methods, leading to making space in any Smartphone’s storage is deleting the applications present on your device that are not any longer in use and acquiring useless space. Deleting such apps can provide you massive space with tiniest efforts. I am sure I don’t need to tell you how to delete the apps.

2) Preinstalled Apps:

Well, there are some apps present on your iPhones, that are built-in and are installed by default and Apple used to prevent their removal from iPhones at every cost. But since the update of iOS 10 available, you are also able to delete the preinstalled apps from your iOS device and make enough room for yourself. Not much space, but a little and when you are low on space everything matters. even the tiny KBs.

3) Keep a Track of Apps:

Always do keep in mind to keep a track of your apps and storage, trace the apps that have been occupying the most storage on your iPhones. Find out the apps, that are the culprits in occupying most of the space and if they are not in your use any longer, you can simply remove the apps. That is really an easy step to work on and doesn’t require any rocket sciences either.


4) Data You Don’t Need:

Another important thing is, not only the apps you should be worried about but also the additional space that is being used by the docs and data. If there are any data associated apps present on your iPhone, and you no longer find them important or useful enough you can simply get rid of them or even the docs could be moved to the iCloud backup and removed from your iPhones resulting in saving some space for your iPhone.

5) Messages:

Messages are also busy in acquiring more and more space on your iOS device, silently as the time passes. Not only the docs but messages are also necessary to be given a careful look and get ridden off at the right time.


Well with so many message threads, you will be thinking it is the laborious task at the front, but you don’t need to delete each thread individually rather putting the settings to automatically removing the messages that have been older than a specific period, 30 days old or however long you consider them to date back. Visit the Messages in the Settings tab to further know about it.

6) Photo Stream:

In case the Photo Stream in your settings is enabled, you might see the photos that you took on your iPhone or iPad and also the ones that are uploaded to your Mac through and from your camera. These images, are occupying space KB by KB, turning it off will give you some space then not.

For disabling the Photo Stream, visit Photos & Camera in your Settings.
Note: Disabling the Photo Stream means, your iPhone photos won’t uploaded to your Photo Stream on the other devices.

7) Notes:

How often we make regular notes on the Notes app on our iPhones. Ever wondered how much space you could save up by deleting the ones that are no longer important? One thing is, Notes doesn’t show up in the Storage Usage in your settings so you don’t really get to know it is occupying any space or not even though it is.

Might not get you lots of space after you have deleted them, but it does free storage capacity.

8) Photos:

Camera roll, is storing photos, panoramas, and videos? In case you haven’t disabled the Photo Stream upload the photos on the Photo Stream and start clearing your camera roll and believe that will provide you sufficing enough storage. Go through the photos and videos, and start deleting whatever you find unnecessary.

9) Burst Mode:

Burst Mode is obviously you are acquainted with and its effective in clicking you some great candids. It does do provide you good and great random suddenly shot pictures but also there are many unnecessary ones that require your attention to be removed and transferred to the bin. I recommend you use the volume buttons rather than shutter button to click pics as it may result in sudden longer press resulting in many unnecessary images being stored on your device.

10) Third-party storage cleaning apps:

We have come across many methods to offer us the sufficient space on our iPhones and create the space on your device but there is another option that may lead more space than your expectations, that is the third-party apps. iMyFone UMate is an app that will allow the feature of freeing space on your iPhone. There are similar apps that are available on the App Store that may help you. Give it a go.

Final Verdict:

Aforementioned apps will help you in making space and cleaning the iPhone from unnecessary files and data that is occupying your iPhone’s storage capacity. These simple tricks may not make a huge impact individually but it would make an impact when all of them are followed.

Follow them and clean your iPhone from the data that doesn’t mean anything to you.

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