Top 3D Touch Shortcuts On iPhone To Make Your Life Easier

July 14, 2017 ( iOS ) , ( iOS 11 ) , ( iPhone )
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We’re used to pinching, swiping and tapping on our iPhone. But since the introduction of iPhone 6S, things have changed dramatically, and now you can even press the screen to do more and Apple calls it the 3D Touch.

Coming to the present, 3D Touch is an integral part of iPhone X and iPhone 8 lineup.

However, even after a few years, many people miss out on what 3D Touch can do for you. Here in the blog, we will be discussing the 10 ultimate 3D touch shortcuts for your iPhone. So let’s get started:

1. App icons

3D touch app icons on your home screen. A list of the contextual menu on your screen will be prompted, and you may see many shortcuts. Another thing that you should try, touch an app, swipe to an option and release finger. Apps may or will display a small version of the widgets on your screen.

2. Notification

Notifications have become more interactive ever since the iOS 10 had come to your iPhones. There are particular apps that might display you rich preview of messages after you 3D touch them.


There are many other options to find for. You may search for it yourself and have fun doing so.

3. Track pad

In case you have not noticed it, or not gone over this. There is one stand out thing about the 3D touch. You can make your keyboard turn in to a cool trackpad. No kidding, all you got to do is press and hold on to one of the keys in your keyboard on the screen. And sooner every key will fade away and it will be a trackpad to work with. This is the coolest thing I came across while working with the 3D touch.


4. Prioritize

In case you are downloading multiple apps at the same time from the App Store, now with 3D touch, you can also prioritize the downloading of the apps into your iPhone. Initialize the multi-downloads and go to your Home Screen, tap and hold the press on the app you can actually prioritize the downloads.


5. Control Center

3D touch is not only limited to your home screens but the control centers as well. Slide your finger, upwards and the control center pops up. Press and hold long enough for the options that are available and it would pop a contextual menu with multiple options.

6. Folder

Press and hold long enough on a folder, and it would give you a contextual menu with options for functions that you may use to do with the folder. Say the folder consists of multiple apps, and each app is showing notifications. Release your finger on that app and it would open. No need to process your way through to the folder.

7. Contacts

Let’s get interactive with the contacts in our phone. 3D touch on any of your contacts and you will experience another contextual menu popping up. Offering you with lots of features and functions that you may opt.


8. App Store

3D touch on your App Store and you may control the download or search of any of the applications that you want to install on your iPhone.


9. App Switcher

3D touch at the left edge of your screen, you will experience a vibration feedback and swipe in. This accesses you to the app switcher screen on your phone. Press and hold once again, and app switcher view will be on display.

Final Verdict:

3D touch also works on the home screen, with something called quick actions. Press enough icon to bring up shortcuts like merging the front facing camera or calling a favorite contact that’s your right quick analogy. Overall its designed to reduce the number of taps you need to make on the screen. 3D touch is also going to work for multitasking, drawing and could open up a whole new way of interacting with games. It sounds complicated but soon pushing your screen will be second nature.

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