12 Reasons Why iPhone is A Much Better Choice Than Android

July 14, 2017 ( iPhone )
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Well, who hasn’t been a part of the famous iPhone v/s Android debate? This debate has been ongoing for more than a decade and is still a very hot topic globally. I believe, both of them have an edge in many ways over one another, but “Which one is superior to the other?”, the answer to this question is still being left unanswered.

Here we will be providing you the ultimate answer, as for why having an iPhone is the much better choice over an Android phone. 12 different, authentic and valid reasons have been sketched out in this article, that will make you pick iPhone over the Android.

Do note, we are not starting a debate here, rather we are describing you why the iPhone has superiority over the Android phones (may it be of any brand eg: Samsung, LG or any other).

1) Apps:

The significant most thing about iPhone having an edge is about the apps. You might have noticed, the apps are first released for the iPhones and later for the Androids. There is also much dissimilarity in the app’s interface on both the Mobile Operating Systems, whereas iPhone has an edge here as well. There is a better design for the iPhone apps that are available for both.


There are many apps that are available for iPhone but still waiting to be released for the Android users. The gap is narrowing, however, so far iPhone is still leading the race.

 2) Updates:

Apart from the apps, the other thing that gives an iPhone user the edge over better user experience is the updates. iPhone users are provided with regular iOS updates regardless of the carrier they use.

iOS updates are available to the iPhone devices that are 3 years old. Considering an Android phone, after 18 months, you might have to wait for your new Smartphone to have the latest Android update.


Apple makes sure the latest update is available to all of the carriers, unlike Android (in case you consider having Nougat, you might have to buy yourself a new Smartphone).

3) Device synchronization:

One positive factor about using the iPhone is, and also do have Mac and an iPad your data can be transferred between the Apple devices smoothly and at a much quicker pace.

You can easily sync photos, answer an urgent phone call, or send quick text messages from your other devices without any troubles. One awesome thing is the support Handoff which means if you begin working on your iPhone you can also continue it from your iPad or Mac. This smooth connection between the devices is what the Android Smartphone lack and failed to deliver so far (without the use of third-party applications).

 4) Carried Bundled Apps:

Whenever you buy an Android phone, you will notice there are a couple of carrier bundled apps that have been installed on your Android devices even though they are of no use to you. Here iPhone wins again, as there are no Carried Bundled apps installed on your iPhone when you buy it. Some of the apps also can’t be uninstalled rather be disabled from functioning. It can be irritating as these apps won’t be functioning on front-end but will be occupying unnecessary space on your device.

You might think of it as a small issue but when you would be running out of your device’s memory to store photos/videos and other apps, then you would be dealing with a major problem.

5) Sharing:

Sharing stuff becomes a lot easier when your friend circle has iPhones, sharing photos, links and files are also simple courtesy AirDrop. But data transfer among Android devices isn’t that easy neither it upholds the same pace and level of sharing which the Apple has to build.

6) Resell:

If an Android phone has been bought and now you are selling it after a year or two, it will certainly worth way lesser than what you had paid for it. When it comes to iPhone, even if you sell it after using it for a year or two, you would be getting double the worth of the Android phone launched with the iPhone together.


This seems to have been changing recently, but quite by far, iPhone is still worth more even in resell.

7) Lightning Cable:

Another thing that gives an edge to the iPhone over an Android, is the lightning cable. Lightning cable is used by the iPhones to charge and sync that is superior in performance than the Android’s Micro USB cable.

lightning cable

Lightning cable eases as you can put the cable, either way, it will get plugged. Whereas, Micro USB cable has a top and bottom requiring you to plug it correctly to sync and charge. There are some Android devices using wireless charging, however, not all Android devices charge or sync wirelessly.

8) Apple Store:

Something went wrong with your iPhone? a visit to the nearest Apple Store will certainly provide all the necessary solutions even a replacement for your iPhone. Many Android carriers provide services, but they are not up to the mark that the Apple Store offers to its customers. Apple always had an edge in terms of Customer Support.

9) Ease of Use:

Over the years Samsung has worked really hard and brilliantly to make Android but still majority couldn’t make it easy to use. As far as iPhone is concerned, it is very simpler and easier to use.

iPhone isn’t that complicated in terms of settings, an average user can easily adapt to the iOS and work his/her way around the iOS platform without any troubles.

10) Headphones:

In case you are addicted to good music and desire the control over the music you listen to, here again, the iPhone has an advantage. iPhone headphones and also some third-party headphones can play, pause, skip, forward, or back a track and also the user can control volume. Launching Siri can help you as you would no longer require the need without using your phone. Might not be something big, but it does gain a point here as well.


11) Easier Communication:

Apple has made it much easier in terms of communication by launching the trio of services (iMessages, FaceTime & FaceTime Audio).

With iMessage, users have the ability to send longer messages and they will reach any Apple device the users wants to communicate with.
FaceTime is a mind-blowing means to video chat. It is built into the iPhone henceforth makes it easier for you to switch from phone call to video call within seconds.
FaceTime Audio helps users in connecting an audio call by using data to make the call. The audio quality is much better as compared to a regular call and works well when you have poor network signals but WiFi is within reach.

12) Notifications:

iPhone does offer a better way to handle and manage the notifications. With your iPhone, you can see a brief summary of what’s happening and may visit the widgets and tap into notifications.


Bottom Line:

iPhone is by far the best possible choice for your Smartphone preference, and the aforementioned 12 reasons are the sketched points show why you should own an iPhone. In case you are wanting to buy a new Smartphone and are confused with what to buy iPhone or an Android, I am really sure this post is going to help you making the decision.

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