7 Tips & Tricks To Fix A Water-Damaged iPhone/iPad

May 10, 2018 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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How painful it is when you allow your iPhone or iPad to get the full feel of water? It’s worrisome, right? But don’t panic, it can happen to anyone. Accidents happen and your iPhone can fall in the bath, in the toilet, or you never know, a jug of water decides to fall on your iDevice as a revenge of sort.

If you’re Googling how to rescue a waterlogged or dry iPhone from damage, here’s the good news: you can rescue your iPhone. Let’s get straight into it then, shall we?

Tips to Help Rescue a Wet iPhone:

Following are some amazing hacks to dry and fix your water drowned iPhone or iPad:

Note: Before you proceed, I’d advise you not to turn on or use the iPhone under any circumstance before applying these methods.

1. Do Not Turn It On and Undress It

I know, I’ve already warned you, but this needs to be explained more in detail. Usually when something bad happens to your iPhone or iPad (either it falls on the ground or in the water), your first instinct may be to see if it’s working by turning it on.

DON’T! If you try to switch it on use it (you’re only allowed to use the iPhone to switch it off, more on this in the next step), there’s a high chance that there is a short-circuit inside the phone and you fry your iPhone out. So first thing first, undress your iPhone if it’s covered in a case. Taking the case off will ensure that any water within the case doesn’t enter the iPhone that might be stuck in the chassis.

2. Dry it Off

The next step is to to dry it off as conventionally as possible. Get a dry cloth and wipe the iPhone as carefully as possible. Just make sure that you do not force the water inside through the speakers, the lightning port or other spaces, so be gentle while drying the iPhone.

The best way to do this is to dab the iPhone gently and absorb as much liquid as possible off it and dry it out as much as possible. Don’t use the hair-dryer, though. It might condense the liquid inside and further damage the components inside.

3. Take Off The Sim Tray

Once you’ve dried off the iPhone as much as possible, take off the Sim card and tray and see if you can dismantle the liquid inside through the opening. There’s a high chance that water might have entered the internals through the Sim port, so do the needful.

Shake the device gently as well with the Sim card opening facing the ground, and that might help get residual water out too.

4. Get Some Rice (not for eating, of course)

Now it’s time to get the iPhone seriously dry. If you’re wondering why rice, then you’d be surprised to know that rice absorbs water pretty quick and helps attract all the water inside your iPhone and may dry it off pretty safely.

The only downside to rice is that your iPhone may get covered in rice dust! But the solution is pretty great, so don’t cross it off the list.

Note: You’ll have to leave the iPhone covered in rice for at least 24-hours to dry off the internals.

5. Switch On Your Lamp

This is a trick not many guides will be able to teach you, but it works like a charm. If you have the required tools, take your iPhone apart, and expose its internals to a lamp… a bright shining, burning lamp.

It may sound extremely unconventional, but take our words for it. A lamp produces direct light to the source and with it, it produces enough heat to dry off the water, but not damage anything. Leave the iPhone under a lamp for an hour or two, and your iPhone will more than likely be rescued completely.

Note: Only take your iPhone apart if you know how to. If you don’t, please take it to an expert to avoid damaging it further.

6. Put it in Silicon

Remember those silica bags that come with many boxes? Those tiny little bags that have tiny tiny silicon balls inside? Yes, they are there to keep any type of moisture away from inside the box. And boy did you ever know that they’d come in handy to save your iPhone?

If you have them lying around, then pop your iPhone right into that box with silica bags and let it be for at least 24-hours. Hopefully, this trick will get things moving in the right direction for you.

7. Take it to Apple Repair

This method is not exactly a tip or a trick, because this may come naturally to you if your iPhone gets damaged. However, this is the safest method to ensure you don’t further damage your iPhone. A wet iPhone or an iPad is not as easy to repair if you don’t know what you’re doing, so the easiest thing to do is to take it to an official Apple repair.

You can look up for a local Apple Repair shop or take it to a an expert at the Genius Bar.

Bonus Tip: Waterproof Cases

Okay, so this is not a trick to save your iPhone once it’s been dunked in the water. This is more of a precautionary tip that will keep your iPhone from getting wet in case it does fall into a puddle or something.

Waterproof iPhone Cases, of course.


If you have the latest iPhone from Apple, a.k.a iPhone X, you can waterproof iPhone X cases from Amazon as well.


And there you go. Hopefully you were able to follow all the steps and apply the tips properly and were able to rescue your iPhone. If this article was helpful, do share it with your circle!

Also, if you’re looking for how to on anything else related to iOS or iOS devices, let us know in the comments below!

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