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November 9, 2017 ( Apple Watch )
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If you own an iPhone, and are desperate to get a smartwatch, the latest Apple Watch isn’t your only option. You will be pleased to know there are several alternatives out there that work just as well, if not better, than the Apple Watch. You can easily get your hands on any of these watches, without having to break your bank in the process, which is usually the case while buying Apple products.

If you think the Apple Watch Series 3 is too expensive, or it simply does not appeal to you in any way, here are a couple of the best watches for you to sink your teeth into.

1. LG Watch Sport – Price: $599.99

The LG Watch Sport is an all-rounder, which is a flagship device that has been updated for Android Wear 2.0. The smartwatch comes with built-in GPS and is all about fitness.

If you are not entirely confident with staying connected to your iPhone all the time, you can take advantage of its LTE functionality. Moreover, it even supports NFC for payments, meaning you do not have to take your iPhone everywhere.

Rest assured, this do-it-all smartwatch is good looking and quite clever, making it well worth the money.


2. Fitbit Iconic – Price: $249.99

If you are not entirely satisfied with Android or Samsung Wear, then you ought to give the Fitbit Iconic a look.

Fitbit has managed to outdo itself with the Iconic, especially considering how it is the company’s first ever true smartwatch. It is all about fitness though, but it does benefit from its waterproof design. The built-in GPS and heartbeat monitor ensure you know exactly how well you are doing with your workouts, be it running or cycling.

Taking a closer look at its core components, the Fitbit Iconic does rather well. It features support for first and third party notifications, with a built-in music player along with offline playback support. Even though the smartwatch does not have a lot to offer and does lack in certain aspects, it is worth every penny, and that is a fact.


3. Huawei Watch – Price: $324.05

Even though the Huawei Watch 2 is available for purchase, it is not as good as its predecessor. The original Huawei Watch is all about luxury, which is quite the opposite when looking into Android Wear.

With the Huawei Watch, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can even choose a rose gold variation of the watch. What truly sets it apart is its display with 10,000:1 contrast. The only drawback with this smartwatch is the fact that it does not come with a built-in GPS, but it is a worthy option for your iPhone, if you are interested that is.


4. Samsung Gear Sport – Price: $229.00

The Samsung Gear Sport is in no way a replacement for the popular Samsung Gear S3. It is more or less a worthy upgrade to the Gear S2, which has the same sports tracking skills which you can expect from the Apple watch.

With its waterproof design, you can use it while you swim. Additionally, the built-in GPS and heart rate monitor make it easier for you to track your progress while you cycle or run.

The smartwatch features an amazing notification support like the Gear S3. But it does not stop there, as it even features Spotify offline playlist support and Samsung Pay.


5. Garmin Vivoactive 3 – Price: $249.99

There is no denying the fact the Apple Watch Series manages to provide an exceptional sports tracking experience, but it is nowhere near what the Garmin Vivoactive 3 has to offer.

The smartwatch is perfect for those who are all about sports, covering activities like golf, running and cycling. But that is not all, as it even covers gym routines with rep counting. With the recent inclusion of Garmin Pay, you can make payments from your wrist. With exceptional notification support, you will also be able to respond to messages with ease.

With an outstanding battery and an appealing circular design, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a massive upgrade to its predecessor, the Garmin Vivoactive HR.


6. Ticwatch 2 – Price: $279.00

With the unsettling demise of the Pebble, Ticwatch 2 has managed to take its place as the smartwatch of choice from a startup.

The Ticwatch 2 comes with a 400 x 400 OLED panel, with 287ppi, which is quite frankly unheard of. With a superb display, it is truly jaw dropping to realize the smartwatch costs no more than $279.00.

There is no denying the fact the OS needs plenty of work, but the startup makes up for it the features it manages to offer with the Ticwatch 2. In fact, the smartwatch comes with all the features you can expect of a premium smartwatch.


7. Polar M600 – Price: $299.95

If you pay close attention to the Polar M600, it does not in any way feel like a smartwatch. But it is in no way to be taken lightly, nor is to be kicked to the curb, as the smartwatch is one of the best Android Wear watch out there.

With the Polar M600, you can expect all the goodies, including and not limited to: app support, notifications and sports tracking functionalities. The Polar Flow software is what truly takes the cake, as it is easy-to-use.

The Polar M600 is quite pricey, and it may not even be as good looking as the Apple Watch Series 3, but it proves to be a reliable alternative with a sporty alternative.


8. Fossil Q Accomplice – Price: $95.00

Fossil’s Hybrid series of Smartwatches are definitely worth looking into. The classic analogue wrist watch offers notifications, activity tracking and much more. The smarts behind the smartwatch is brought to the Fossil Q Accomplice by the brains behind Misfit, which was acquired by Fossil back in 2016.


The Q Accomplice is slimmer, smaller and has new push buttons. The design makes it practical, while offering benefits of a smartwatch.

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