How to Create Gifs on iOS via Google’s Gboard App

January 22, 2018 ( iOS )
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If you are on the hunt for an app that can make conversations with your loved ones more engaging or you just want to be funny, then you need to add a bit of a personal touch in your texts. A way to do that is to get Google’s Gboard app for iOS.

Download the app and you get Google’s award-winning material design aesthetic, a comfortable typing experience, personalization, and a nifty Gif creation functionality.

Once you open the app, you can find the GIF icon at the right corner of the word suggestion bar in the keyboard layout. Before a recent update, the GIF maker was available by long pressing the emoji icon in Gboard, but the new layout is now more easily accessible.

Tap the Gif button and it allows you to record Gifs from either the main or the front camera. You can also create a fast forwarding Gif that records a minute of video and speeds it up so that it can be shown in a 3 second Gif. It’s called a “Loop”. If you are satisfied with what you have created, you can copy paste it into your text.

This feature is iOS exclusive at the moment and isn’t available on Android.

If you want in on the fun, you can get the Gboard App from here

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