How to Access Google Photos in Messages App from iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

July 24, 2018 ( iOS ) , ( iOS 12 ) , ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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iOS 12 has improved upon lots of nuances in iOS 11. Among such improvements is the ability to share photos via the Messages app.

Previously, you had to take a photo right from within the Messages app. Which was not exactly very useful for the users. But now, thanks to integration of Google Photos app, you may add any photo stored on your account right from the Messages app.

Here are the steps to access Google Photos from your Messages app in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad:

Note: Make sure that Google Photos is installed and has access to your photos.

Step 1: Open Messages app on your iOS device.


Step 2: Open the thread you want to share photos in.


Step 3: Tap the ‘photos’ icon on the left.


Step 4: Select the photos that have to be sent.


Step 5: Hit the send button, and the images will be on their way.


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