How to Add Email Account in iOS 11 on iPhone & iPad

November 11, 2017 ( iOS 11 ) , ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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If you want to integrate the email account on your iPhone or iPad; you can easily add, whether you have a Yahoo or Gmail. We provide you a full guide, how to add your email account in iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad.

Adding a new email account in iOS 11 slightly changed from iOS 10. In the older version, you would just go to “Mail” within the setting app and tap on “Accounts” to add the new email account. But here in iOS 11, there is some change to setup your account.

Here are the following steps to guide you.

How to Setup and Add Email Accounts in iOS 11 Mail App on your iPhone & iPad

Step 1: Tap on Settings

Step 2: Scroll Down and tap into Accounts & Passwords

Step 3: Tap on Add Account

Step 4: You can choose any mail client from the list, I would like to go on Google

Step 5: Enter your Gmail ID and tap on Next

Step 6: Enter your Password and again tap on Next

Step 7: After couple of seconds, you’ll be on a Gmail, now tap on Save button from the top right corner of the screen

Now this will integrate your email-account in iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad.

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