How To Create A Calendar Event With Siri

July 10, 2017 ( Siri )
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Since Siri is your best friend and helps you in any way you want. Siri provides a setting event with calendar option. Which isn’t much of a labor. It’s easily understood, quicker than creating it manually and saves a lot of your time.

Create A Calendar Event With Siri:

Creating a calendar event with Siri doesn’t need much effort.

Step 1:

Press down the ‘home’ button to launch Siri

Step 2:

Say “schedule a meeting with (add names and time according to your particulars )


Step 3:

You will be asked to confirm it. Say or tap “confirm” to add the event to the calendar.


Reschedule An Event:

Step 1:

Launch Siri by holding down the “home” button

Step 2:

Say something like “reschedule my event or change the location or time”


Step 3:

You’ll be asked to mention the new time, date or location.

Step 4:

Tap confirm to update your calendar event.

Cancel A Calendar Event:

Its so simple and easy to cancel any set event.

Step 1:

Press “home” button and you’ll hear the familiar sound.

Step 2:

Say “cancel my meetingl” or tap on cancel to get your event canceled.


Step 3:

Tap or say “yes” when Siri asks for the confirmation.

If you have several meetings scheduled then Siri will ask you about which one you would want to get canceled.

Check Your Calendar Event:

Step 1:

Say “hey Siri” to begin using Siri.

Step 2:

Ask “what’s scheduled for today, tomorrow or on your required date”


Step 3:

Siri will preview your set calendar events.

Post Script:

Now create events with Siri and save yourself from the embarrassment of getting late to a meeting or forgetting your best friend’s birthday.

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