How to Delete Music From your iOS 10 iPhone

July 10, 2017 ( iOS ) , ( iPhone )
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Doesn’t it drive you nuts when your iPhone’s storage capacity is full because you have so many unwanted songs in your device?

It does, doesn’t it? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Let us learn how to delete music from your device.

There is more than one way to delete music from your phone’s library. Be very attentive.

Method No. 1: Delete single track or album

  • Open up the music library tab.
  • Select the song/album you want to wipe out.
  • Long press on the track you want to erase.
  • A number of options will appear.
  • Choose the option stating; “delete from library”.
  • Once you tap “yes”, the track will be deleted.

Method No. 2: Delete all music

In case you want to get rid of all music from your iPhone, you would not want to do one track at a time. Would you? Then follow the instructions to wipe all music from your iPhone:

  • Open up your iPhone’s Settings
  • Choose the “General” option.
  • On scrolling you will come across the “Storage and the iCloud Usage” option.
  • Select that option. Then you will see an option of “Manage Storage”, when you tap it you will get a list of every application that has ever been installed in your iPhone.
  • Keep scrolling until you get the “Music” option.
  • Simply click it.
  • After selecting the “Music” option, choose “Edit” which is placed on to the right hand side of your screen at the top.
  • And since you wish to erase all data select “All Songs”.
  • Choose the option to “Delete”.
  • In case you want to delete selectively, then select the tracks/albums that you want to get rid of. Keeping the ones, you don’t want to lose.
  • When done selecting, select the option “Done” on upper right corner of the screen.

Method No. 3: Use iTunes to delete the music

This is an indirect way of removing music from your device. Follow the instructions below to delete your music via iTunes:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via data cable.
  • In iTunes you will find your device under “iPhone icon” in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • After selecting it, you will find a small section onto the left side of the screen, entitled; “On My Device”.
  • Choose “Music” from that section.
  • The panel in the center will give you the name of the artist, various albums and the playlist stored in your device.
  • First select the entire playlist by using the combination key of cmd+A/Ctrl+A.
  • Once you have selected everything, choose the backspace or delete key to wipe the data off.
  • Right before deletion, it will give you a chance to re-think about your decision of erasing your music library. If you answer in affirmative, entire music data from your device will be erased. So think twice before deleting the entire library.
  • One last thing you need to do before the deletion procedure is complete. Choose the Summary option in the upper most side of the column. Go the main panel and select Apply to save the changes you just made.

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