How To Disable ‘Last Seen’ In WhatsApp

May 3, 2018 ( iPhone )
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Ever noticed how some of your contacts on WhatsApp don’t display the time they were last seen on the messaging platform? This is a simple feature that you can make the most use of too if you don’t want people to know when you’re online and when you’re not.

Here are the simple steps to disable ‘Last Seen’ stamp from WhatsApp:

Step 1: Select ‘Settings’ from the bottom right corner of your WhatsApp screen.

Step 2: Tap ‘Accounts’

Step 3: Select ‘Privacy

Step 4: Select ‘Last Seen

Step 5: Choose one of the three options (Everyone, Contacts, Nobody)

Step 6: *Optional* same visibility options can be made to your profile photo and status from Step 3.

We hope this was useful. Want to see tutorials for something else in the iOS universe? Let us know in the comments below.

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