How to Enable Quiet Notifications on iPhone and iPad (iOS 12)

July 6, 2018 ( iOS 12 ) , ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Starting from iOS 12, there is a new way of receiving notifications. Till iOS 11, you can either receive notifications or not. In the newer version, the operating system provide a third way of delivering notifications quietly.

When you turn on Quiet Notifications, you receive them ‘quietly’ inside the Notification Center without appearing up on the Lock Screen, playing sounds, or showing banners.

Here’s how you can enable quiet notifications on iPhone and iPad.

Step#1: On the lock screen, select the notification you want to be quiet.

Step#2: Alternatively, open the Notifications Center by sliding down on an iPhone or iPad or from top-left on an iPhone X

Step#3: Slide the notification to left. You will see the Manage button. Tap it.


Step#4: Tap Deliver Quietly to enable quiet notifications.


Step#5: Once activated, the notification will only appear inside the Notification Center.

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