How To Find Out If Someone Has Blocked Your Number On Their iPhone

July 12, 2017 ( iPhone )
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Curious in knowing who blocked your number on their iPhone? Well, the blocking on iPhones is working bit discretely. Apple won’t send a person any message or something that might signal to the person that they have been blocked by you. But some signs may give an indication to them.

In this blog we will be giving you the guide, to check who may have been blocked you.



Well, there are particularly 2 different and specific ways through which you can get the answer to the question has any particularly specific user blocked you? Then you can confront him/her why so, just kidding (don’t confront anyone).

Method 1: Calling the Contact:

One way is, simply calling the contact on the number. Now what you got to do is clearly observe what happens during the call (when its ringing).

  1. Does the phone ring? like normal or just rings once and the call gets abruptly diverted to their voice mail. Asking you to leave a message.
  2. Call again for a few more times. Notice, whether the calls get diverted again and again to the voice mail.


Doesn’t it sound suspicious the call being diverted again and again to the voice mail, after ringing just one? You might also go through hearing a busy tone and then being cut off are the two signs, signaling your no may be blocked by the user.

Do keep in mind: You may also experience all of the mentioned above even when the iPhone of your contact is switched off.


First thing, switch off the caller ID. Now there are three possibilities as follows:

  • The user is busy and might not pick you to call, the phone will keep ringing.
  • Contact may pick up the call.
  • They might cut off the call.

In all these results you can easily identify whether your number’s been blocked or not.

Method 2: iMessage to the Contact:

The other way, other than calling we can iMessage the contact that you think has blocked your number on their iPhone.


  1. Begin composing a message, to the contact who may have blocked you. In the message ask them to acknowledge your message with a Short reply.
  2. Check the Read Receipts.

What I want you to notice is whether you see “Read at” or “Delivered” as your read receipts. Well seeing “Read at” is a good sign for you, as it shows your number hasn’t been blocked by the user. And they might personally decide not to pick up your calls.
And when you see “Delivered”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have blocked you. It can also happen, in the case when the read receipts have not been enabled by you on your smartphone.


Well while sending the iMessage, before you start composing I want you to delete the contact from your iPhone.

Get to composing the message.

When you start typing the contact where you want to send your iMessage. The contact name might come in suggestions.

In case the name doesn’t get suggested. It is more likely that you have been blocked.


You can’t certainly know who might have blocked you or who have not. By following the guide I provided above you can easily understand who might have blocked you, and whether they really have or it was just a misunderstanding.
Hope the blog post was useful for you. Stay tuned to our website for more.

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