How To Get A Refund From The App Store Using Your iPhone/iPad

July 12, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Often it happens, that your kid or any other kid purchases an app from the App Store on your credit card. That does lead you to pay for the app that you didn’t even want. In another scenario, another thing which can happen is, you might see an app download it, and doesn’t live up to your expectations or is not compatible with the iPhone or iPad.

We will be discussing how to get the refund from Apple if the app is unsatisfying, not up to expectation, not useful, not amusing, or you bought it accidentally. Well do keep in mind Apple is willing to refund the customers for the apps they most recently downloaded on their iOS devices, not weeks later. In case there is an app you mistakenly installed on your device, get a refund ASAP without wasting any time. I will be sharing with you the easiest possible way to get the refund from Apple.


I am sharing with you the step by step guides below, to make it easier for you to make you understand the process. There are two methods we will look at, and they are enlisted below as:

  • Refund from the App Store through Report a Problem.
  • Refund from the App Store through iTunes.

Refund From The App Store Through Report A Problem:

1) Report a Problem:

First I want you to visit the Apple’s Official Problem Reporting Website (which is Sign in to the website with your Apple ID and password that you used in creating the iCloud account.

apple id pass

2) Apps:

Now after logging in with your Apple ID & password, you will be displayed a page with the title, Report a Problem. Click on the “Apps”, which will display you all the apps you installed on your device (paid and free both). Now scroll your way to the app that you want Apple to refund you for. In the case of any complaints to file, this page will be very helpful in that regard as well.


3) The reason of Demanding Refund:

As soon as you get to the app, click Report a Problem, adjacent to the name of the app. This will display a drop-down menu on the display screen asking you to select a particular reason for the demand of refund. Pick a specific reason, depending on the trouble you faced.


4) Submit:

After you have filled the form, hit the Submit button. Don’t get high hopes, keep in mind Apple will only refund you the money you spent on the app incase it finds your reason of demanding the reason is valid. Plus once a report is submitted, it could take not days but weeks and even months until you are granted your refund. Patience will be a virtue required at that time.

Refund From App Store Through iTunes:

1) iTunes:

The first thing you got to do in this guide, is to visit the iTunes. As iTunes is launched on your screen, Click on the View Account, which is situated in the drop down menu of the toolbar’s “Store” option.


2) Purchase History:

As you are in the View Account now, search for Purchase History section and next destination is the See All link. Then you will be displayed the list of recent most apps that you have purchased.


3) App’s Listing:

When you are in the See All link and have found your particular app that you want to claim the refund for, click the arrow that is on the left side of the name of the app in the app’s listing. Remember if you can’t find the specific app, then try changing the month or year of the app.


4) Report A Problem:

Then click on the Report a Problem button and later on the Report a Problem link (that’s adjacent to the app’s title).


Reporting a problem in the app as well as asking the refund for an app is easier and mentioned in simpler words. By following the above-mentioned guides, I don’t think there might be a real difficulty in asking Apple to refund for an app that has bugs, not up to your expectations, not the features that it shows in advertising. Valid reason will make Apple grant you the refund without any troubles.

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