How to Import Photos From Camera to Your iPhone and iPad

July 10, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Today, nearly everybody’s got a camera (digital) with them. May it be in a drawer or in the closets. Who isn’t obsessed with clicking some mesmerizing photos of nature, or themselves, or anything related to their passion. All those photos and memories created through them are waiting for your attention, for you to save them on your computers. Let’s stop wasting time, and get on with the transfer from camera to your iPhone and iPad. The tutorial is described in simple and easy steps.

Transfer Photos to iPhone:

So far, I have found out three different, easy and simple procedures that you may follow to successfully transfer the photos from your camera to the iPhone in the lightning fast way.

  • From camera using lightning to USB Camera Adapter
  • From camera using lightning to SD Card Camera Reade
  • Eye-Fi Card

From Camera Using Lightning to USB Camera Adapter:

In this method, we will follow a few easy steps to import successfully photos from your camera to iPhone. And for that, we will be using the Lightning to USB Camera connector.

Right, let’s first connect USB cable to the camera. Now connect the lightning end of Lightning to USB Camera Adapter to the iPad / iPhone. Connect the USB end of the adapter to USB cable which you have connected to the Camera. Turn the camera on (must be in transfer mode).Get your iPhone or iPad, unlock, automatically you will see Photos being opened on your screen along with the import tab. On the contrary, if this doesn’t happen in your case, then open the Photos app, and tap Import. It’s up to you whether you want to import all the photos at once or only the selective ones. As soon as the import is complete, a window will pop-up, asking whether to keep the imported media or delete.

From Camera Using Lightning to SD Card Reader:

Well, if you only carry yourself an SD card of your camera, no worries. This process will guide you how to import photos from the camera using lightning SD Card Reader. Let’s get started right away now. Place your SD card into the lightning SD card reader. Next, connect the SD Card reader with SD card to your iPhone or iPad. Mostly the “Photos” will be automatically be opened, along with an “Import” tab.  And voila! your photos have been imported.


Eye-Fi Card:

Using Eye-Fi card is simple and easy. Eye-Fi Card secures an internet connection from your camera and enables you to see the images that you have clicked through your camera through its accompanying software on your iPad within seconds you clicked the photo.


There is another method which can consume your time neither will I be discussing that. But according to that, you would have to first transfer all the data to your computer first and then to the iPhone and iPad. It does take much time of yours.

Do keep it in mind: for transferring images to iPhone 5 or later, it needs to be iOS 9.2 or later. However, in the case of using a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, you need an iPad with iOS 9.3.

Bottom Line:

By following these simple procedures with the handful of easy steps and you will get the desired action that you need to work which is transferring the photos from any camera to the iPhone. Share with friends on social media, update profile pictures or send or whatever you want to do with them. You can easily carry the memories captured by you with you as they are safe inside the iPhone or iPad that you own.

Hope this was helpful for you. For further tutorials and guides stay tuned to the website.

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