How to Improve Battery Life on Your iPhone in iOS 11

September 22, 2017 ( iOS 11 ) , ( iPhone )
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As we have seen people are complaining about iOS 11 after moving to it. They are facing battery drain issue and lower down the mobile speed. People are thinking about their Phone battery life. To save your battery life and solve the issue regarding this problem iOSAppers has researched and summarized these solution that can easily save your mobile battery life.

Wait Few Days

After moving to iOS 11 wait for some time to get fully update,completely reindex and reserve everything before you start getting panic. Things will get normal in few days when iOS 11 will be fully updated and resolve all issues regarding it. And still if it didn’t get normal you have to follow few steps which is defined below.

Check the Usage of Battery

Another issue that can drain your Phones battery is the background application. Go to Settings – – > Battery. Then you would be able to check which application is draining your Phones Battery over the last 24 hour.

If you want to check how much the application has used and how much time application is spent on the background then just tap on clock which at the top right corner

Disable Background App Referesh

Some things are very useful but we have to neglect it because of some reasons. Same goes with this option Background App  Refresh is very useful option because it let your apps to continue work in the background but also it drains the battery of your Phone so disable it to save your battery life.

Go to Settings — > Then General — > Background App Referesh  (Disable it )

Disable Mobile Data

Some people don’t realize that their data usage is on while using Wi-Fi. You don’t need data while you are connected to Wi-Fi.

There are two ways to turn off data usage

1) Go to Settings, Tap Cellular and then disable it.

2) Tap new Cellular Data Control which is present in new Control Center to disable it.

Disable Bluetooth, Air Drop & Wi-Fi.

These are some important features that are mostly used in almost all cellphones. But people usually don’t realize even when there is no need of these features but these remain enable and drain the battery of their phones.When there is no need just tap to disable these feature to save the battery life.

Lower your Flashlight

When you will pay good then you will receive good same goes with this. If you have 3D touch device, set your flash light to low which will less drain your battery. Sometimes you have to pay less to save something and here lowering the flashlight will save the draining of your Phones battery.

Turn On the Wi-Fi Assist

This feature is very amazing by enabling it you can give a bit support to your Wi-Fi because if it is not getting the strength signal or getting very poor signal this feature will automatically enable to push cellular when the Wi-Fi is getting weak signal to save the battery

Low Power Mode

Low power mode is one of the best feature that iPhone has covered. This feature saves your battery usage and keep your battery out of stress. You can use it to increase the battery life.

Put your iPhone Face Down

Researches have made on this option that this issue is concern with the battery drainage. At the point when the iPhone is against a surface, warnings won’t actuate this show since you won’t have the capacity to see them. That implies your display doesn’t should be on to such an extent, boosting battery life. In the event that despite everything you need to be ready, you could turn on LED alarms, however, that can likewise deplete your battery.

Turn Off Siri

Hey Siri is useful feature although its an iOS assistant. But it consumes much energy of you battery, so it should be disable when you do not need this because “Hey Siri” uses your Phones battery because it always listen to enable the feature.

Go to Settings — > Siri & Search then toggle Listen for “Hey Siri”

Disable Auto Playing Apps

Usually videos gets started to play when you are scrolling your feeds. Even when you don’t want them to play. This auto playing videos consume your battery life when they started to play every time you scroll.

Reduce Motion

iOS packs in one of a kind movement highlight to influence the experience to feel fluid, for example, application propelling liveliness and parallax impacts on the home screen. In all actuality, this movement affects your battery life. To deactivate it, Settings – > General – > Accessibility – > Reduce Motion, at that point empower it.

Enable Location Services in Some Apps

Location Services is good feature because it helps the people to show directions and tell you where you are. But this feature is not good for your battery life because it consume battery as fast as it is used. But also you can not tap it off because then you are not able to get google apps and another usefull application. So the best option is that select only those app which is needed so it can less consume and save the battery

Disable Auto Brightness

Auto brightness is an amazing feature but consumes battery life so for saving the battery just turn it off

Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Display Accommodations,and then toggle Auto Brightness

Deactivate Raise To Wake

Rise to Wake is extremely great feature launched in iOS 10 for newer mobile models. Although it is a good feature but it always turn on the display when you don’t want it to, consuming energy that affect the battery

So disable it to save the energy

Settings –> Display & Brightness, then Tap Raise to Wake off.

Disable Notifications

We’re altogether irritated at whatever point an application requests notifications. Yet’s, all the more irritating that these warnings are taking without end significant battery life.

Go to Settings –> Notifications and allow only those app that are valuable by “Allow Notifications”

Deactivate Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions are useful when you go to look for an application and Siri as of now has it displayed for you (it’s something Siri does truly well). Be that as it may, it’s bad to maximize battery life. To turn off this feature, go to Settings – > Siri and Search, at that point look down to the Siri Suggestions area. Here, you can debilitate all Suggestions in Search, all Suggestions in Look Up, or do these on an application-by-application premise.

Don't Send Data to Apple

Apple needs you to send them analytic and other information from your iPhone, particularly in betas, which thusly utilizes your battery. To debilitate this feature, go to Settings – > Privacy – > Analytics, and disable Share iPhone Analytics (on the off chance that you have an Apple Watch, this will appear as Share iPhone and Watch Analytics).

Disable Certain iCloud Preferences

In the event that you just have one iOS gadget, you may not want to utilize iCloud for specific applications. Tap your name at the highest point of the Settings page, at that point tap iCloud. Deselect any applications and settings that don’t make a difference to you. This will spare you battery since your phone won’t attempt to transfer your information to the cloud for the duration of the day.

Disable Fitness Tracking

Your iPhone can help track your wellness for the duration of the day, however this accompanies a battery drainage. To impair the wellness following, go to Settings – > Privacy – > Motion and Fitness, and deactivate Fitness Tracking. In the event that you have a Fitbit or another tracker, you needn’t bother with this empowered at any rate.

Disable Handoff

Handoff can be extremely helpful while moving between Apple gadgets. In the event that you just have an iPhone, or you don’t work crosswise over gadgets, this element won’t be useful to you, however, could at present hurt your battery life. Disable it by from Settings – > General – > Handoff.

Switch Off Some App Store Settings

On the off chance that you introduce an application on your iPad it can consequently download to your iPhone, as well. This, obviously, can happen when you’re low on battery control, so it’s smarter to recently set this to manual so you can download them when you have enough squeeze to do as such.

Go to Settings – > iTunes and App Stores, at that point flip off Apps from the rundown. We likewise propose flipping off Updates, particularly on the off chance that you have a ton of applications on your iPhone, and flipping off Use Cellular Data on the off chance that you choose to keep Music and Books and Audiobooks on since Wi-Fi will utilize less power.

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