How To Locate Stolen Or Lost iOS Device Using Find My iPhone

July 12, 2017 ( iOS ) , ( iPhone )
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How often you go through a situation where you loss possession of your iOS device and can’t locate. There are chances, you might misplace your iPhone or it can get stolen. The phone can be replaced also the data can be relocated and restored from the iCloud backup, but why waste money on buying a different iPhone when you can recover the iPhone with ease without the expenditure of much time or any further money. The solution is just three simple words “Find My iPhone”.

First of all, let us all get to know what “Find My iPhone” really is. Find My iPhone is an app and a service that is provided by Apple, that allows remote location tracking. If you lose the iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac, this particular app will be helping you in finding that.

How to Set up, Find My iPhone?

Let us first, set up Find My iPhone on our iPhone. From Home Screen, tap on the settings. Now go to iCloud, if you aren’t signed-in give away your Apple ID and Password. If you don’t have an ID, tap on create a new Apple ID. What we got to do now, let’s scroll down our way to the Find My iPhone.    Let’s turn this on. Now the Find My iPhone is enabled, also turn on the Send the Last Location. Send the Last Location is whenever my iPhone battery gets critically low, its going to store and send the location of the iPhone to Apple when that battery is low. So say for instance your battery dies, you have lost your phone when you sign back in to locate your iPhone, it is going to show you where the phone was last located.



Now once you have got Find My iPhone enabled on your iPhone. We should make sure we add some extra security to our iPhone. Do enable either the passcode or touch ID and passcode both enabled. To do that go setting, click Touch ID & passcode. Make sure you get one setup. This restricts access to your iPhone if you have lost your iPhone.

Family Sharing:

Another thing that you can do is share your location with the family. For enabling that go to iCloud in settings, and Set up Family Sharing. Now use Find My iPhone, to help find your family members’ iPhones or other iOS devices.

 How to Locate an iPhone using Find My iPhone:

iOS 10 has a featured app Find My iPhone (on default), that syncs your iPhone with the iCloud account. Along with this, you can also download the Find My iPhone app from the App Store. As the download finishes, run the app, it will prompt a dialog box asking you to sign in with your Apple ID & password.
The app is useful as it automatically will display you the positions and locations of the devices you have set on family sharing all over the map.

This feature is useful in such a way that it does enable a user to track their lost or stolen iPhone through their iPads (with a Find My iPhone, app installed of course).


On Computer:

If you don’t possess another Apple product that doesn’t limit your reach to the iPhone’s Find My iPhone app. You can easily visit the iCloud website (, as it gives users access to Find My iPhone. Simply visit the website, sign in, launch the Find My iPhone, and it will provide a map with your iPhone on situated where it is.

Bottom Line:

Find My iPhone, is the great app to look up to when at loss of the iPhone no matter where it is, it will be traceable with the app’s supreme locating services. Whenever you lose your iPhone, I prefer not to erase the data, as it also wipes away the chances of tracking your iPhone. You can remotely lock your iPhone with a passcode and when found, retrieve access using the same passcode.

In my personal opinion, Find My iPhone is the best feature in iOS 10’s default apps. Secures the chances of retrieving your device, easily without any troubles to face. Let us hope you don’t have to use the app anytime sooner.

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