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July 13, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Blogging is so common these days, there are several people out there who you might have often seen to blog just for pleasing their hobbies, some as professions, and some just want to write in spare time. Blogging has been the best spare time leisure work, as you delve through the vast vocabulary of words caged inside your conscious and fetch them as your need  Blogging is an innovation digital information approach through you which you can and may share realistic ideas, give your point of view, and spread information about almost anything.

Now, blog writing is one thing and managing it is another. With the latest advancements in the previous decade there is nothing that you can’t do through your Smartphone. I know that didn’t sound surprising to you, so here we will be looking at the best apps available in order to help the bloggers manage their blogs for the users that carry an iPhone or an iPad in their hands.

Top 5 apps to help you manage a blog on your iPhone and iPad:

We have below sketched out 5 best apps that will lend you all the necessary help you need to get you started or help you manage the blogs on your iPhone and iPad.

  1. WordPress
  2. Tumblr
  3. Squarespace Blog
  4. TypePad
  5. BlogPress


Well everybody is acquainted with the popular WordPress and the most famed blogging site. The WordPress iOS app lends you a helping hand in managing all yours blog posts on the go. The iOS app provides all the necessary features (creating and editing posts, upload pictures, and videos, manage comments, view the webpage stats).

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As soon as you are done editing and creating the blog post, you can post it on the blog. It also allows you the feasibility of tracking blogs in your newsfeed. The best thing about this app is that you can get this app for free.


Blogging doesn’t only mean you type or write your blog posts. You can get to working on sharing and uploading of the photos and videos to speak for you. In case you want to keep it small and elegant, or brief and informative Tumblr is the perfect way for you to go with

Tumblr’s official iOS app enables the writers with the interactive ability to share and upload photos, share content, videos, quotes and much more. You can get to start working with creating a blog, right on the go, all you need is an application on your iOS device (whether iPhone / iPad) and publish whenever you are ready. Notifications will let you know, whether you have received any message and also reply. repost others’ content, even when working offline. One key thing, it’s FREE.

Squarespace Blog:

Squarespace might not be that renowned as the WordPress or the Tumblr, but it is a quiet good app to get your blog started with. A wonderful, web-building platform is SquareSpace that allows you to create crafty smooth websites. With Squarespace, you gain access to editing, managing content from multiple accounts at ease.


With Layout Engine, you could create and edit posts, upload photos, create and update the links without any troubles to counter. The app also lets you track of comments, and reply to readers without any labor. Also, you don’t need to switch accounts, the app allows you to toggle between webs as well. Also same as above mentioned apps, SquareSpace is also free for your iOS.


Another innovative and feasible blog and content posting app for your iOS devices. However, TypePad does have a numerous number of flaws like it doesn’t offer any support for drafts, nor access to existing posts, or other features.

It is a simple content through mobile posting application for your iOS devices. In case you are happy with settling with a simple and easy to use application, TypePad is the answer to your troubles.



BlogPress also allows sharing of posts, all over the social media networking sites such as the Facebook, Twitter and much more. Coming to starting a post, you can create and edit the posts, with uploading pictures and videos on them, schedule the publish date for your blogs, and do much more.A third-party iOS application that enables a user having multiple blog accounts to toggle between them and manage the multi-type blogs. By BlogPress you have the power to work with all of the aforementioned blog apps, all maintained through a single app, and that saves you times as well as the laborious work you have to go through in order to manage WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr all from your iPhone or iPad.


This app is available for $2.99 and for the price, the features that it offers you with, I wouldn’t really care about the price.

Bottom Line:

With the above-mentioned apps, you have the power to blog within your pockets. Although Safari doesn’t limit you to reach any of the blogging interfaces, but it’s better to be prepared for the job. There are furthermore apps that are functioning according to the blogging necessities, but the aforementioned 5 apps are according to me the best that are available.

Enjoy blogging with these mighty apps. What are you waiting for? Get started.

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