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July 10, 2017 ( iOS )
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With the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has updated the software to iOS 10 for both the iPhone and the iPad. This guide is targeting on the message application and it will guide you through the newly added features and how to make the most of the exciting new features and updates.

You have to install iOS 10 operating system before you can start using all the amazing features of the updated messages application. iOS 10 is applicable to certain devices such as iPhone 4 or later,6th generation iPod,and iPad mini 2 or greater.It is not compatible with older devices.

First of all, you will need to be in iMessage in order to utilize all the new updated features in the messages app. If you try and send your iMessage as an SMS, it will be automatically converted into MMS and it will cost you standard MMS charges. So beware. You should be in iMessage before you start using the features.

New Features:

Following is a list of all the newly added features on iOS 10:

Let’s discuss these vital features one by one.

Automatically Replaces Words With Emojis:


This is an interesting feature. Within the Messages application, there is an emoji tab at the lower left corner of the keyboard. Tap that emoji icon and the Messages application will highlight the specific words that can be replaced with an emoji. It will highlight those words using an orange to golden color. If a single word can be associated with more than a single emoji, it will give you a selection of emoji to choose from. If a word has a single emoji related to it, it will automatically be replaced by that emoji.

Bubble Animations:

This feature gives your messages a touch of emotions. Bubble animation will give your texts more impact to the recipient. There are currently 4 bubble effects that you can use:

Slam: As the word slam suggests, it basically makes the words slams into the conversation, making it more prominent to the recipient.

Loud: If you are angry at someone and you want them to know, simply send your texts using this bubble animation. The letters will be shown in huge font, they will shake and then shrink back to standard font size, mimicking yelling at the person.

Gentle: The message will be received in very small font size and eventually grows bigger and bigger to standard font size.

Invisible Ink: In case you want to share some sensitive information or some good or bad news over text, you can use invisible ink animation which will hide the message. When the recipient swipes through the text body, the message appears and can be read.

To use the bubble animation, type your message in the text bar, then tap and hold the arrow which is normally used to send the iMessage. If you have got 3D Touch, you can use Force Press as well. You will now be given four options: slam, loud, gentle, and invisible ink.

Next to a specific effect, there is a circular button, on tapping or swiping through it you can select the effect and play the preview. Press the send button to send it to the recipient. The best part is that you can use these effects not only on text but also on photo messages.  


Full-Screen Animations:

Now you can use this screen effects option to have a full screen animation along with the sound. You can use this to congratulate someone by making confetti pop all over their screens.

To use the feature, tap the Force Touch button or hold the send button. A bubble screen effect will be activated. Now just tap on the Screen button on top of the screen.

There are five different Screen Effects:

  • Balloons: Beautiful balloons all over your screen.
  • Confetti: Blast of virtual Confetti from the top corner of the screen.
  • Lasers:  Disco laser lights that are radiating through the message.
  • Fireworks: A radiant show of fireworks light up your screen.
  • Shooting Star: A shooting star streaking across the screen.

Handwriting and customization

With iOS 10 you can write or draw your own messages by using this new feature. In order for you to use it, you will need to click on the heart icon which is found on the left-hand side of the text body. A blank canvas will appear before you, where you can draw or write with your hands. You can also use the camera, by pressing the arrow which is on the right-hand side. You can add annotations to your photo or video.

A small video logo will appear on the left-hand side of the screen, on tapping you will be able to record a video.

Feeling lazy? iOS 10 to the Rescue!


Too lazy to even type a word? don’t worry, just tap twice on an iMessage or hold on an iMessage and you will be presented with the following options:

  • A heart indicating that you love something or someone.
  • A thumbs up, meaning that you approve of that dress.
  • A thumbs down, shows your disapproval.
  • A ‘Haha’, means that you want to laugh but too tired to do so.
  • Two exclamation marks, showing surprise or shock.
  • And, a question mark.
  • This lets you reply to a message without having to type anything.

Play and Send Music from Apple within the Messages

Tap the compass tab on the left corner of the message body and swipe to the side. You will be given the option of sending songs from Apple Music to your friends. Also, through the application, you can listen to the songs directly.

Hope you enjoy your newly updated software to the fullest.

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