How To Remove Any App On iPhone And iPad

July 8, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Many people have these questions. Most people hate having unwanted app icons crowding their display screens. They get annoyed by the notifications they receive throughout their busy days due to these apps. Moreover, these apps take up storage space of the device which may be used for other useful media files and apps.

Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad come with numerous pre-installed apps: Stocks, Game Center, Notes, Calendar, iTunes Store, iBooks, Wallet, Reminders, Maps, Weather, Find iPhone and so on. Previously, Apple users were not able to delete these apps, regardless of the fact that some of them were never used by them.


How To Delete Pre-Installed Apps From Apple Devices Using iOS 10?

The most satisfying and easy solution to get rid of unwanted and unused preinstalled apps is to upgrade your device to iOS 10. Once you’re running iOS 10, deleting the preinstalled is as simple and easy as deleting any other device.



Press and hold the icon for three to five seconds.


As soon as the app icon start moving unsteadily, tap the cross sign that appears on the top-left corner.


After tapping the cross, a small widow will appear on the screen. It is a warning that if you delete the app, all the data related to the app may also be deleted. If you want to delete the app any way, press “DELETE”.

Using this method, most of the preinstalled app that come with apple devices can be deleted. The apps that cannot be deleted using this method are: Activity, App Store, Camera, Clock, Health, Messages, Phone, Photos, Safari, Settings and Wallet. The image below shows a pictorial representation of each step.


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