How To Remove Passcode On iPhone Or iPad?

July 10, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Many people tend to forget their passwords, passcodes or screen lock patterns. It can be very frustrating when you can’t get access to your mobile set in the middle of a busy day, and as much as you try to remember the password, you are rarely able to recall it. Many people want to know how to bypass the passcode and hack into the iPhone or iPad. It may be considered as legally questionable by some people’s perspective, but more often than you might think, people forget their own passcodes and are just trying to use their own iPad or iPhone. So, in such cases these simple tricks and hacks can come in handy.

This tutorial will help you to hack into your iPhone or iPad, in case you have forgotten the passcode. Although your device’s settings may be reset, but it is not a big deal considering that you will have your Apple device functioning again. Once it starts running, you can customize the settings as they were before. There is also a software that might help you to recover your device. This tutorial will also brief you through the basics in removing the passcode, once you have managed to get your device running and functional.

Restore Your iPad Or iPhone Using Recovery Mode

The best way to go about for an iPad or an iPhone, if you have forgotten the passcode or password is to restore it and restart it. This will remove or erase all of your personal information from the device and it will be reset to factory settings. However, if you have a backup for your personal data, it can be restored and it will be as good as new.

In order to restore the iPad or iPhone from iTunes, a passcode will be required. But you can restore it without a passcode using the Recovery Mode. This will wash out your iPad or iPhone completely and install the latest version of iOS, which at the moment is iOS 10. Here we would like to point out, that you will need your Apple ID and password that was used to configure the device originally.

So all you have to do is to follow the simple and easy steps described below, to recover your iPad and start using it with the latest version of IOS, from scratch.

In order to restore an iPad or an iPhone from Recover Mode:


In order to restore your iPad or iPhone, make sure your device is charged up to at least 20 per cent.


Next, you have to connect your device to a Mac or PC.


While your device is connected, open iTunes on your Mac or PC.


Now press the home button of your iPhone or iPad.


While you are still pressing the home button, connect your device to its charging cable. By doing this your iPhone or iPad should go into Recovery Mode and the display screen of your device should show a blue iTunes logo and the sign of a white charging cable.  The image below shows these signs as they would appear on your display screen.


The iTunes should display a message saying: “iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode. You must restore this iPad before it can be used with iTunes” The image below shows the sign that would appear.



Click Ok in order to restore and update.


Click restore iPad or iPhone and this will allow iTunes to reset the software and your Apple device will be restored.

Step 8:

Now you just have to enter your Apple ID and Password that was used to configure the iPad or iPhone in the first place.


Now you will have two options. Either you can use your device as a fresh model and customize it again without getting any of your personal data or settings back. Or you can choose the ‘Restore from this Backup’ option. This will get your iPhone or iPad back in its earlier state, with all of the personal data and settings restored.

Now you will have your iPhone or iPad up and running as before, just without the passcode.

How To Disable Passcode From My iPhone Or iPad?

If you remember your passcode, you can easily use the iPhone or iPad by entering the passcode or password. However, if it seems like a waste of time, or you just want to get rid of the passcode, this section will guide you how to manage your settings to do so.


Open the Settings app and select the General option.


Find the button for Passcode Lock and tap on that.


Now you will have to enter your passcode and then look for the option to turn it off entirely.

If your iPhone or iPad is backed up with iTunes, you are not in great trouble and it can easily be recovered. Another important requirement for restoring your device is to remember the Apple ID and Password that was used to configure it originally. If you have these two things, it’s just a matter of simple steps that you have to follow it order to get your device running. However, sometimes people genuinely tend to forget their Apple ID’s and Password. Sometimes their device is not backed up with iTunes. In that case Apple does not offer any legitimate way to recover your device, however there are all sorts of jail breaking hacks people use.  Apple has kept their system this way, to keep the device of their customers safe. If it had not been this way it would have been extremely easy for thieves and robbers to unlock the device they stole. Apple as ensured through their system that only the customers who have confidential information can recover their device. This security has been greatly appreciated by their customers.

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