How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on iPhone 7

July 10, 2017 ( iPhone )
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The text messages on our Phones are sometimes very important, and carry information that we don’t want to lose from the cellphones. But once they are deleted, they are wiped from the memory of your cellphone and smartphone. If you use iPhone often to send texts and messages, unintentionally once or twice you will go through such predicament, that you might unintentionally delete some important texts.

Well once you have deleted a text message from the iPhone, it isn’t really deleted rather hidden hence are invisible to our eyes. The message doesn’t really get deleted, at the time and stays somewhere on the phone. Yes, it does mean that you can retrieve the hidden messages that have been marked for deletion from the iPhone. For finding those invisibly hidden text messages and files you will be needing an outside help, that will find them for you.

There are multiple ways through which you can retrieve the deleted messages on your iPhone. And they are:

  • Freeware
  • Finding deleted Messages on Multiple Devices
  • iTunes or iCloud Backup


The Fastest way and easiest to recover the messages that have been deleted is using a software app designed to help you in this regard. I will be using PhoneRescue as means to help you in retrieving the text messages. How does it work? let’s get started with it.


First of all, download the PhoneRescue on your PC or Mac. Run it as soon as it downloads, Connect the iPhone to your system.
Next: On homepage of the PhoneRescue, Click “Recover from iOS Device”, and click the arrow on bottom right corner of the page.


On the next step, select “Messages” and “Message Attachments” and also do select the contact with messages that you wish to retrieve to your phone. After previewing deleted items, select those that you want to restore back to the iPhone.  Click “To Device” Button to retrieve them back.


Apart from retrieving the deleted messages, PhoneRescue also allows you to transfer or export you Phone messages to the Computer as a backup.

Multiple Devices:

Do remember, your iPhone can sync with multiple iOS devices, which you have activated with same Apple ID and iCloud Account. In the case of using multiple devices, there will be automatically situated “iMessages” on them. You can recover the deleted messages from the iPad or Mac with nothing to worry about.


iTunes or iCloud Backup:

iTunes or the iCloud backup doesn’t save your messages unless you manually backup them on their servers as it might violate your privacy. So in case if you have made an iCloud or iTunes backup before mistakenly deleting them, you have nothing to worry about. It is all safe and can be easily restored by extracting from the iTunes backup. In the case of misplacing the iPhone or losing this does come in handy then as well. Let me show you how to do that.



This does require PhoneRescue again. Now coming back to the Home page of PhoneRescue, you can see that there was a “Recover from iTunes Backup” option. Do make sure to connect the device before you begin.


Select, the Messages or Message Attachments like we did previously. Select the contact with messages. Preview deleted text messages, and then select items you wish to restore and finally click “To Computer” button. Voila! the work is done.


You can easily and very simply, retrieve and recover the deleted messages and also many media files which were deleted unintentionally or loss during a mishap. Nothing to worry about, in case you have lost them. By following the methods we discussed above you can easily restore the important messages you wish to carry with you.

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