How To Send A Quick Group Email On An iPad

July 12, 2017 ( iPad )
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Want to know how to send a group mail on your iPad? We will be showing you how to send it successfully. All you got to do is follow a few simple and easy steps. Here is how you can get started:

Contact Group on iPhone:

For those of you who miss sending mails to the contact groups. We have found a way to work your way out. We are talking about, instead of adding each contact one by one, you can send it to a number of contacts, without sending one mail over and over again. That does make it sound less time consuming and quick to happen.



To begin working, you first got to create the backup of your contacts on the iCloud.  Now go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select the iCloud from Account at the top.


Contacts in iCloud:

Next, you got to do is visit the iCloud. Log in to the iCloud website, through the iCloud ID and Password that you had created before getting started with the iPhone or iPad (or any other iOS device). After login is successful, select/tap the Contacts.


Create a New Group:

You can witness all the contacts that you have on your iPhone in the iCloud’s Contacts (in a list). Here you can see the “+” icon at the bottom of the lefthand pane. Select the “New Group”.


a) Group Name:

Name the group according to your need or choice, whatever you may prefer. Name the group, and then click outside the box to save it.

b) Add Contacts:

You have successfully created your Group, now you need to induct contacts into it. Go back to All Contacts, and pick those whom you want to be inducted in your group.

c) Batch-add:

To speed up and fasten the process, you can also Batch-add the contacts. For batch-add, Click and Hold the Command button or the very known Apple Button. Now click each contact that you want to induct. Once done, release Command and click-and-drag any one of the names on to the new group (which will bring other names along).

d) View Group:

Grab your iPhone. Go to the Contacts, and tap Groups. Your newly created Group will be listed under the iCloud.

Sending a Group email:

Well, you have created your group and added the contacts you wanted to be in the group. Now let’s get started with sending a Group email to the Group. Open the Mail and begin composing a message. In the field To, type the name of the group. Tap the group suggestion, to insert all the email addresses of the recipients.


The method mentioned above is not effective in may ways. The problem with the above way is that it then pulls in all the listed phone numbers and iMessage addresses that are listed for contacts. And in result, you end up with 3 times as many recipients as you inducted in the group. So there is another alternative method, for creating a contact group on your very iPhone itself. But it’s kind of tricky. You can begin by:

  • Open the Contacts
  • Tap + icon
  • Enter Group name.
  • Scroll down to Notes Section, we will be using this to write out the email addresses that we want to add to our group. You need to bound each email address with a greater than and a less than sign and place a comma between the each email address. Like <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>
  • Tap and Hold names, which pops the contextual menu. Tap Select All then Copy.
  • Tap the Add Email.
  • Tap and Hold Email field and Paste.

This creates a single contact, which is, however, having multiple email addresses. More time-saving way than the one we worked upon earlier.


Above two ways are the possible means through which you can successfully send an email to an entire Group. I would prefer the alternative method that I suggested above. With this, you can work your way out.
I hope you find the answer to your trouble. Stay tuned for more guides and tutorials.

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