How To Set Reminders With Siri

July 10, 2017 ( Siri )
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While it’s very easy to give commands to Siri to be executed, it’s even easier to set reminders with Siri. Reminder is an app for Apple devices but using this app with Siri is quite convenient. If you want to set reminders on your phone, take your iPhone out, follow the steps below and you’re ready to get rolling.

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1:

Press and hold down to ‘home’ button. You’ll hear a beep telling Siri is ready to help.

Step 2:

Speak and give your command like “Remind me to pick up milk”


Step 3:

Your reminder confirmation will appear on the screen. If it doesn’t  appear thenyou can always ask Siri for the confirmation.

Step 4:

You can either press “yes” or speak yes to set the reminder. But,if anything doesn’t look right you can always say “cancel” and the reminder will be canceled.

Setting Reminder With Date/Time/Location:

One of the coolest things of using Siri is that you’ll be asked to mention the specific date,day and time with a location which makes Siri even more easier to use.

Step 1:

Hold ‘home’ button you will hear a familiar sound.

Step 2:

When setting a reminder Siri asks you to mention the date and time.


Previewing Your Reminder:

You can always preview your reminder:

Step 1:

Press and hold the ‘home’ button.

Step 2:

Ask Siri “do I have any reminders for today or tomorrow or next month”


Confirming Your Reminder:

Remember you can always confirm about your reminder by sliding your thumb from top to bottom on the home screen which will show the upcoming set reminders.

Now you can set reminders with Siri without using the Calendar app and comfortably get reminded by your best friend Siri.

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