How to Set Up iCloud Photo Sharing on iOS

July 24, 2018 ( iCloud ) , ( iOS )
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The photos on your iPhone or iPad mean the world to you, no doubt. You also feel compelled to share those captured moments with your loved ones through a number of ways. However, you should be asking yourself if your photo-sharing methods are safe or not!

Apple’s iCloud offers you peace of mind in many ways. Besides keeping your photos safe, iCloud also offers a secure, invitation based photo sharing mechanism. Handpicked friends can view and add images to the album but the authority over your images remains with you.

Before you begin, make sure all your devices have iCloud enabled and are using the same iCloud account.

Here are the steps to enable iCloud photo sharing:

Step 1: Open ‘Settings‘ on your iOS Device.


Step 2: Select ‘Photos’


Step 3: Toggle the switch on for ‘iCloud Photo Sharing

Step 4: *for iOS 12* Toggle the switch on for shared albums


That’s it. You’ve enabled iCloud Photo Sharing for your iOS device. If there’s anything else you’d like us create a tutorial for, use the comment section to let us know!

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