How To Set Up, Secure And Use Siri On iPhone and iPad

July 10, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone ) , ( Siri )
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Siri is a highly anticipated Apple’s voice assistant that enables you to quickly accomplish tasks by just saying commands. Siri is available on all Apple products, however, we will be looking at its iOS ‎capabilities. Siri is an essential feature of Apple devices which uses your selected language and dialect to perform different tasks like talking back to you and not making you feel bored or help you find your desired app by just speaking it.

Follow the guide given below to configure and use Siri which will save yourself from the difficulty of typing and scrolling multiple times.

How To Set Up Siri:

Step 1:

Tap ‘settings’


Step 2:

Scroll down to find ‘Siri’ and tap on it.’


Step 3:

Tap ‘allow hey Siri’ which will help you activate Siri by saying ‘hey Siri!’


Step 4:

Tap on language to choose your desired language.


Step 5:

Tap ‘voice feedback’ if you want Siri to talk back to you.

You can select ‘always on’ if you always want Siri to talk to you.

You can tap ‘hands -free only’ to allow Siri to talk you in hands- free mode.

Tap ‘control with ring switch’ if you want Siri to reply you when the ringer is on.


Step 6:

Tap on ‘my info’ to let Siri know who you are, what your number is and the location where you live or work.

ios9-iphone6-reminders-settings-siriStep 7:

Tap ‘app support’ to choose which applications can Siri incorporate by using your personal information by sending it to Apple.


Now you’re ready to use Siri and take help from it.

How To Use Siri:

Using Siri is very easy and simple.

Step 1:

Press and hold the ‘home button’.

Step 2:

You will hear two consecutive beeps, which means Siri is ready to help you.

Step 3:

Start speaking and start asking questions and your command will be executed.

How To Secure Siri:

Siri is activated by pressing the ‘home button’ or by saying ‘hey Siri’. If you want to secure your phone and turn off the use of Siri when your phone is locked, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: 

Launch ‘settings


Step 2:

Tap ‘touch Id and passcode’


Step 3:

Enter your passcode.

Step 4:

Scroll down the ‘allowed access when locked’ bar and tap on ‘Siri’ to turn off the use of Siri when your phone is locked.


Tap no more, tap no more than necessary. Happy sirii’ing!

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