How to Shut Down Your iPhone & iPad Without Power Button

October 11, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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iOS 11 may not come stick stuffed with an unending rundown of cool and should have highlights, however there’s still a considerable measure to like about the most recent refresh to Apple’s versatile software. From a patched up Control Center to new picture organizes that will keep photographs and videos from gobbling up all your storage, iOS 11 is surely a refresh worth downloading. What’s more, that is to state nothing of the help for a portion of the inconceivably cool ARKit-based applications that keep on popping up in the App Store. The way things are presently, iOS 11 hasn’t been out for an entire month and almost 40% of all iOS devices are as of now running it. A conspicuous difference, over 80% of all Android devices are right now running variations of Android that are no less than two years of age.

All that stated, an incredible aspect concerning any new iOS update is that there are various intriguing features and unpretentious system upgrades hiding underneath the surface. A valid example: iOS 11 now makes it workable for iPhone and iPad clients to stop their gadget without using the power catch. Despite the fact that clearly not an utilization case situation that will emerge much of the time, if by any stretch of the imagination, the capacity to shut down a gadget by means of the Settings menu is extremely useful in examples when a client’s energy secure is acting.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • At bottom you will find out Shutdown
  • Tap Shutdown

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