How to sign up for Apple Music via iPhone, iPad or Mac

Apple Music is essential for your HomePod as you might have figured by now. And with Apple Music, you get access to exclusive content, ad-free streaming of Beats 1 and other Apple Music radio stations and a huge library of curated content.

So here’s how you can sign up for Apple Music:

Step 1: Check and update to the latest version of iOS.

Step 2: Open the Music App. You’ll see a screen that welcomes to you Apple Music

Step 3: Tap “Try it for free” to begin the signup process.

Step 4: Select a membership plan from either $9.99/month individual plan, $14.99 family plan (Six members) or a $4.99 student plan.

Step 5: Tap start trial. (You won’t be charged until the 3 month trial ends)

Step 6: Sign into iTunes store with your Apple ID and password.

Step 7: Confirm you want to sign up for Apple Music

Step 8: Choose if you want to upload your Computer’s library to your iCloud Music Library

Now you’re all set to enjoy three months of Apple Music as a trial.

If you don’t want to be charged, you’ll have to cancel your subscription before the trial ends.


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