How To Speed Up Your iPhone And iPad’s Charging Time

July 14, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Running out of your battery is a real issue to deal with for every Smartphone user. So whenever a blog or guide goes pass by our screens, it automatically catches our eyes. As we are so enthusiastic about increasing the battery life as well as decreasing the charging time for our iPhone and iPad. I refer to running out of my iPhone’s battery as a curse as well as the time it takes by

iPhone and iPads to charge is also irritating. In case you are using it far too much and have to charge, again and again, this blog might be helpful for you in this regard.

Here we will be learning on how to increase the charging of our iPhone and iPad batteries. With these easy simple but magical tricks, your iPhone and iPad will be full of juice in no time.

Note: You may not realize or give it a thought, but charging of an iOS device varies, depending on how you charge it.

How To Charge iPhone / iPad Quickly?

Following these easy steps and tricks, you will learn how to charge your iPhone’s battery with lesser time to spare and more to utilize as we read possible ways to without causing any damage to the iPhone or iPad battery, charge them much quicker than random. These are the most efficient ways, we are discussing with you in this article. So pay attention.

Pick The Right Charger:

The first thing you should be careful about is picking the right charger for your iOS device. Charger’s specs and adaptors can make a significant difference concerning the charging speed.

Note: One thing to make sure, is to realize that not every iPhone or iPad charger is equal to the other. Some charge faster than the rest and some slower.

You all must know about the lightning cables that are attached to the USB charging point aka the adaptor. Adaptors are of three kinds, that you may find available and all three have different specs as compared to the other:

  • USB socket on Computer: 5 Volts, 0.5 amps, 2.5 watts of power.
  • iPhone Adaptor: 5 volts, 1 amps, 5 watts of power.
  • iPad Adaptor 1 volts, 2.1 amps, 10 watts of power.

This might give you a headache trying to figure out the differences present in the specifications. But you should be concerned about the watts of power. Wattage is the function of time, and it defines the energy transfer rate. Well mathematically you can say,

Higher Wattage can Fasten the Charging

You also need to consider the vendor that you buy the charger from. If you buy a high watt charger from 3-party accessory makers, there wouldn’t be any necessary charging rate change experienced.

So buying a charger shouldn’t be a piece of cake, in fact, you must consider all the things related to it, as the watts of power it offers, the accessory maker of the charger.

Tip: Try charging your iPhone and iPad with the iPhone adaptor or the iPad Adaptor respectively. Charging with USB socket on the computer is a much slower option.

You can, of course, choose to charge via your Mac as it makes your file transfer among the devices easier and quicker. But when the charging speed is the priority you should necessarily plug your iPhone and iPad in the main switches.

Beware: The aforementioned Adaptors are the Apple products, third-party charging accessories will possibly vary in their specs. I’d refer you to check the wattage of your Charger if using a non-Apple adaptor.

Case Removal:

To be honest, I don’t think you might be much convinced with the idea of removing the case of your iPhone, but believe me, it benefits from the heat buildup in your device. Excess heat may cause issues with your iOS device’s battery capacity and the consequence maybe the battery wearing out faster.


Taking the cover may not affect the charging speed, but will guarantee the longer survival of your battery, and secure from the damage.

Airplane Mode:

Switching your iPhone to Airplane Mode when charging can slightly improve the charging speed of your iPhone. As it disables the 3G and the WiFi and device consume lesser power when charging. There are drawbacks, as you may not be allowed to take phone calls, or use your iPhone or iPad but will certainly the device charge faster than before.


Switching Off Your Device:

Well similar to switching to Airplane Mode, you may consider switching off your iPhone or iPad. As this does enable the device to charge much faster. You will experience a minor change in the charging speed but it is totally worth it.

This happens because iPhone / iPad didn’t really drain the power when switched off and the battery charges in slight lesser time as compared to when the device is turned on.

The Verdict On Charging via Mac:

There is also a possibility of charging your device with a Mac, and rumors are it fastens the iPhone’s charging. But since, I didn’t find any valuable sources of that being true or likely false so I hadn’t mentioned it. But Apple computers do come with altering adaptor specs which may mean that you may experience altering Charging Speeds.

Final Verdict:

Here we are to the end of our discussion, and following these aforementioned methods and tricks you may experience the altering charging speeds and for your benefit of course. The last word of advice is, you better keep your battery safe from experimenting on your iOS device in an attempt to increase the charging abilities.

Also, I suggest you better complete one cycle once a month when you charge your device 100% and then let it all drained. This does help prolong the battery life.To sum up, these ways are personally implemented and we think will work for you as well.

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