How to Sync your iPhone Music to iWatch

July 10, 2017 ( Apple Watch ) , ( iPhone )
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Well you can easily stream all your music from the iPhone to the Apple Watch but first, the thing that you need to do is to sync music to the iWatch first from your iPhone. No matter where you are going, whether it be the gym, walk, or any other house chore, Apple Watch can store up to 2GB. Well, it won’t be giving you the options or features that your iPhone offers you, but it offers many conveniences to be sufficing enough. Well, there is nothing tough needed, all you got to do is sync the playlist from your iPhone to your Apple Watch.

Let’s quit talking about it and let me show you how you can get your way through the syncing process of music from your iPhone to iWatch.  It’s basically a process of few simple and easy steps that we are going to be discussing here below.

Creating a Playlist:

First, you must have a playlist before you sync it to your iWatch and start listening to whatever you like. For that go to the Apple’s Music App on your iPhone (iTunes Store). When you are in the app, tap on the “Playlists”. In playlists tap on the “New Playlist”.


Give the playlist a name and save it. Tap on Artists or the Songs icon at the bottom to search any specific artist or a song that you might want to add to the playlist. Induct as many songs as you want and when done, tap on the “Done”.  Return to “Playlists” and now you can see your created playlist there.


Sync Playlist to iWatch:

Now that you created your very own playlist, let’s get started with our main aim to sync it to the Apple Watch. It is done through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or simply the “Watch”. Open the Watch app, on your iPhone. Go to Music then Synced Playlist. Now you can witness a screen where you will see all the playlists listed that are available in the iOS Music app. Now tap on the playlist that you wish to synchronize. After the sync pending message appears, the playlists starts to sync. and when it reads Syncing, you must know the music begun transferring to the Watch.


Finding Playlist on Watch:

Open the Music on your Apple Watch. Next, force-press the Music app to bring the contextually-aware menu on display. Now tap the source, to see the playlist you just synced.

Watch Storage Limits:

Apple’s watch allows the users with a limit to store music files, the user can sync easily up to 2GB of music data (which is nearly 250 songs). The default capacity is 1GB which you can change, and for that go to the Playlist Limit section in the Music app.


By following the above blog, you can easily by following a few simple steps work your way and successfully sync your iPhone’s music to the Apple’s iWatch and carry up to 2GB of music anywhere you want. And listen to the playlists whenever you want to.

Hope our blog was helpful for you for more interesting guides and tutorials stay tuned to our website.

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