How To Take A Screenshot On An iPad

July 12, 2017 ( iPad )
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Have got something on your display, that you might want to share with friends or save it as an image in your iPhone or iPad? But have no idea how to do it? Here in this post, we will be discussing how you can take a screenshot on your iPad and why can you find it useful for later.
Screenshots come in handy when illustrating something through the snapshots of your display screen. This might be useful for writing tech guides, or when you want to share your gaming achievement, or even when an error message pops-up and you don’t know what does that mean.

Clicking a Screenshot:

Press the power button and home button together. Power Button is at the top right of the device, whereas Home Button is the center button (keep in mind, these two buttons must be pressed at the same time). As soon as the screenshot is clicked, you can go to the Photos and find it there as a photo.


Well, there is not only just one way for you to click yourself a screenshot. This might come in effective even if one of the hardware buttons is broken or not function. Once you capture a screenshot, you will experience a single flash on the screen, followed by the shutter sound of the camera, signaling that the screenshot has been captured and saved in the Photos also known as the Camera Roll.

If the Hardware Buttons aren’t functioning:

There can be a hardware button not functioning, as in most cases this is the reason for complaint. There is an alternative solution to the clicking of the screenshot.
In order to find an alternative, there is a feature that you can use. For this I want you to go to: Settings > General > Accessibility. Now scroll down to the Assistive Touch and slide the toggle green.
You will see a gray square with a circular white button in its center, being displayed on the screen. It can be dragged anywhere and placed anywhere.  In case you want it to vanish from the screen, click the Home Button thrice and it will fade away. Triple-Click again and it will reappear.
Pressing Circle:  When you tap on the circle, you will be displayed with a menu. You can explore further by yourself.

Viewing the Screenshot:

For viewing the screenshot you clicked, go to Home, then to the Photos App. In Photos App you can see your screenshot at the bottom of the Photos. From here, if you want to share the image, you can simply tap the photo, and tap “Share” at an upper right position.



This is how you can click a screenshot or a screen capture on your iPads. This is useful, in terms of sharing achievements, sharing screens, or keeping something useful as memory in a photo gallery. With a few simple & easy steps.

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