How to Turn Off Geotagging on Your iPhone and iPad

October 16, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Turn off location tagging for photos

In the camera app on your iPhone and iPad, it records your data. For example when you share the photos with your friends or loves ones, basically tells you, where the photos has been taken. So, it means your photos might be share in the public. In this situation, some questions are raised in your mind.

  • How can I disable geotagging in the camera app
  • How can I save my photos from the public

Actually you won’t to disable geotagging because when if you’re sharing the photos online, your location will be traced automatically. But sometimes the online photos sharing are the best way, for example when you are in vacation and you’d like to share the photos with your family or friends so, it will all happening when you’re online.

But some information you really want to available in private. In this case, the following steps will describe you the best way to sharing the photos without in the public.

How-to disable geotagging in the camera app

1. Go-To > Setting

2. Tap Privacy, when you’ll scroll down

3. Tap Location Services

4. Tap Camera

5. Tap Never

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