How to Turn on/off Automatic iOS Updates on iPhone and iPad (iOS 12)

July 5, 2018 ( iOS 12 ) , ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Starting from iOS 12, you get the option to have your iOS updated automatically. This can be a great security feature as your device will get updated to the latest version of iOS automatically.

Even though the automatic update feature is a great feature, you should always routinely backup your data on a computer. This will prevent you from losing data if anything goes wrong during an installation.

Here is how you can turn on automatic iOS updates on iPhone or iPad:

      1. Open Settings.


      1. Swipe down. Tap General, then Software Update.Software-Update


      1. On the right of Automatic Updates, you can see if the feature is On (or Off).On-The-right-of-Automatic-Updates


    1. Tap Automatic Updates to turn the feature On (or Off).turn-the-feature-On

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