How to Turn On/Off Personal Requests on HomePod

February 12, 2018 ( Speaker )
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Personal requests are an important part of HomePod’s functionality as a smart speaker. It lets you send texts, set reminders, and ask for traffic updates, etc.

That may be all fine and dandy but it’s not secure enough to be utilized, in our opinion, as it cannot differentiate between different voices. Anyone near the connected device can make personal requests.

Hence, here’s how you can turn on/off personal requests on HomePod.

During the Setup

Step 1: Bring your iPhone/iPad near the HomePod

Step 2: Tap Setup

Step 3: Select the HomeKit room, if any.

Step 4: Tap Enable Personal Requests. If you don’t want to turn them on, tap Not Now.

From the Home App

Step 1: Open the Home App

Step 2: Tap the Add home button

Step 3: Tap your Profile Picture

Step 4: Tap on Personal Requests

Step 5: Toggle the requests on/off

Step 6: Choose For Secure Requests to require authentication on iPad/iPhone

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