How To Turn On Timer On iPhone 7’S Camera

July 10, 2017 ( iPhone )
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The iPhone 7 has retained its feature of the camera timer for selfies and photos. There have been many changes to the new phone, some of the being pretty drastic for example the missing headphone jack. However, it was a sigh of relief for many users to see that this timer was retained. The self-timer feature is found very useful and because there is a countdown of either 3 second or 10 seconds. It allows the photographer to set up the camera and to be a part of the picture. It eliminates the need of a professional or digital camera. A mobile phone camera can’t get better than this!

This tutorial will guide you to use the timer option of your Camera app. In order to be able to get advantage of this tweak you need a modern version of ios on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Follow the steps below to use the timer on the all new iPhone 7:

  • On the display screen, search and select the camera icon in order to open the camera.


  • Once you open the camera you will see a tiny clock like feature on the top. Tap on the clock in order to go through the self-timer settings.


  • Once you select the self-timer clock icon, you will have the option of either selecting the three second one, the ten second one or to turn it off altogether. So here is a little tip, for selfies the three second timer often works, but if you are planning to take a group picture that you want to be a part of, go for 10 seconds. It will give you time to set into the frame and eventually give a better picture.
  • Once you are ready and everything is in place, tap the camera shutter button, as you would do normally to take a picture. The picture will not be clicked right away, instead the timer you opted for will start. Now get into the frame and pose away! The picture will be snapped once the timer is up.

This self-timer feature of the iPhone is found very useful by its consumers. It greatly increases the quality of a group photograph and everyone gets to be in the picture. No one is missing out, and you don’t need to ask a stranger to take your picture. It also makes the selfies fancier and the strangely extended arm does not show up in the frame. The pictures give the best result when the camera is fixed on a stand or has some kind of support to avoid burry photos. So go ahead and enjoy this feature in your phone!

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