How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Personal Wifi Hotspot

July 14, 2017 ( iPhone )
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Regular access to Internet is the most addicting necessity and need of the 21st Century. With so much work being forwarded and received through our daily mails, and so many research related articles, tutorials, videos safely stored through the invisible modern day greatest invention ‘the internet’. We are left to nothing but uselessness if having no internet connection around us.

You are traveling, staying at any hotel or out on a hiking trip, and carrying an iPhone with yourself but no Internet access to surf. What should you do? Or how should you get access to the Internet? Simple is the solution “Hotspot”. In this blog we will be discussing if you ever found yourself lonely and in need of Internet access where it doesn’t seem possible to get, simply follow these steps mentioned below in brief and you will have internet access with you. The only thing that you need here is a data plan. Also consider, that hotspot that you created, will use up your data plan which may result in huge amounts of money in your bill if not dealt with properly.

Create a WiFi Hotspot:

WiFi hotspot is responsible in turning your iPhone into router that your Mac can sync and connect to using the WiFi meanwhile iPhone is connected to the 3G or 4G data connection (cellular). It is an efficient and effective trick to imply and know, so let us get straight to it.

Below is mentioned all that you need to perform or act upon in order to converting your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot.


First what you got to do is to tap on the Settings and Mobile.

Personal Hotspot:

You will see the Personal Hotspot option in the Settings, and click to enable the Personal Hotspot.

WiFi / Bluetooth:

Next thing you got to do is, visit the WiFi and enable it along with the Bluetooth.

WiFi Password:

Now tap on the Wifi Password, and enter a suitable password of your choice for your WiFi.

Hotspot Name:

Now find the hotspot name which will be listed under the To Connect Using Wi-Fi.


Next thing, click on the AirPort in your Mac’s menu bar and select the WiFi hotspot.


Enter the password on your Mac, and let the Mac connect to your iPhone hotspot.

Well these simple steps should be it. And now you are able to use internet connection even when you are in a place where there is no internet access possible. It comes in handy when in a remote place and left with nothing but your iPhone and a Mac.

Final Verdict:

It is good in every case to know a few things out of the box. iPhone related tricks, tips and guides are present on the Internet with the purpose to lend you a helping hand when you are all by your own and it gives an independent feeling of doing all by your own.

Having an Internet connection is a necessity in today’s world. And we all are very much dependant on the Internet, as literally everything is done through Internet’s aid. Hope we were helpful in providing you help. Stay tuned for more.

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