How to Undo Typing Mistakes on iPhone

July 10, 2017 ( iPhone )
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All of us have experienced some embarrassing moments when we are typing or texting in a haste and end up making typo errors. But by the time we realize that, it is too late and we have already pressed the send button. It makes us cringe to see a silly typing error in a message that has been sent to a senior or worse, our boss. So an easy way to avoid any of these experiences in future is, to enable the auto-correct mode in your iPhone and your typing mistakes will be corrected before you even know it. It is like they were never there. Now that is like a real solution!

This tutorial will guide you how to enable auto correct or auto replacement option on your iPhone, describing the method, step by step. Follow the steps below:

Step 1:

On your iPhone display screen, locate the settings icon and tap it to open the settings.

downloadStep 2:

In the settings toggle and find the option of General. Press on General to open the options.

Step 3:

Once you have opened the general option in the settings app, swipe down to the bottom. Here you will find an icon that reads KEYBOARD

Step 4:

In the Keyboard sub menu you will find multiple options regarding typing errors:

  • Auto Capitalization
  • Auto Correction
  • Check Spelling
  • Enable dictation

Now all you have to do is, simply use the slider icon to enable any of the feature you find useful, while typing.

So now you can easily avoid typo errors. However, having said that the number of blunders made due to the auto correct feature of iPhone are numerous. At times they are hilarious and may give you a good laugh. But after some time, when the auto correct feature messes everything up, it ends up annoying you. This especially happens when you type a name and since it is not a part of the iPhone language dictionary, it gets replaced to a similar spelling word. Many people also use Latin letters to write in languages other than English, (such as Urdu). Auto correct and auto replacement option does not turn out to be resourceful for them.

Auto correction is a feature of the Apple products. When you misspell a word, it automatically replaces it with the correct word. However, this word may not be the one you wanted to use. Here is an example:

hqdefaultSo, many people prefer disabling this feature of the iPhone and rely on their own spellings.

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