How to Use Shazam with Siri on HomePod to identify Songs

February 14, 2018 ( Speaker )
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You can use Shazam on your HomePod, you just need to know the right request phrase for Siri. The HomePod uses its microphones to listen  to the environment and Shazam will try to find a match for the song. Here’s how to use Shazam on HomePod.

How to Identify Songs Using Shazam on Apple HomePod

You can say something like, “what song is this?” on an iPhone or iPad. If music isn’t actively playing in the app then Siri will know your intent to mean “what song is playing right now?” and start listening for Shazam results.

These phrases are supported to work on HomePod, however, the HomePod is almost always playing tracks. Asking Siri on HomePod “what song is this?” will just let you know the song that the device is currently playing.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to unambiguously get Siri to use Shazam. Just go to your HomePod and say ‘Hey Siri, Shazam this’. Then the HomePod will reply something to the effect of “I’m Listening”. After a few seconds, as long as it can hear the song in the room, and It will reply by saying “it sounds like [your song name] by [artist]”.

It’s surprising how easy it is that the HomePod will remember the context for the follow up with a successful match, and then you can say ‘Hey Siri, Play it’ and It will play the matched track from Apple Music or your Music Library, assuming you’re subscribed.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is currently in the process of acquiring Shazam and in light of that, I think that song identification functionality will be an important part of Apple Music in the coming years.  

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