How to use Siri on iWatch

July 10, 2017 ( Apple Watch ) , ( Siri )
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Siri is probably the quickest possible way for the users provided by Apple. The voice-activated assistant is the core central part of your iWatch. Siri is a lot of help since the wrist-sized digital screen watch isn’t as helpful as the digital keyboard screens. In order to input text, and to give tasks to the watch to perform you can use pre-built text, dictations, and Siri.

The Siri in your phone is much different than the Watch Siri (not as full-featured as the Phone Siri). There are particular number of tasks the Watch Siri can do for you,

Siri is good at times and dates, and what good of watch are you if you don’t tell the time as correct. It can also turn the alarms on or off within seconds. Also, you can set the timers, for maintaining the workout, setting the boiling alert, or regular alerts if you like.but it won’t do everything for you. It won’t work offline just like the iPhone’s Siri, plus you also need the iPhone switched on and within the range of your Watch. If not in range, it flashes and notifies “Siri not available”. However, the Watch Siri can be as useful as the Phone Siri in turning applications on and off, disable or enable the Bluetooth.


What Siri Can Do?

Just like the iPhone, Siri can take calls for you if the recipients are in your contact lists. You can easily send simple texts through the Watch Siri, excluding the emoji, or Digital Touch. You can also send the text as text-message or as the voice memo.
Siri on your Watch can also fetch you all the Music that you synced from your iPhone to the iWatch. You can ask to play any hits from a particular year, shuffle your playlist, and store music together.
No worries, whether its music to fetch and play, apps to run, sports alerts, weather information, Sir’s got your back. Just ask what you want to, and it will work on your needs.

How to Run Siri on your Watch?

Let’s get to know how you can run the Siri on your Apple Watch. There are couple ways to activate Siri on your iWatch and they are:

Crown Button:

The first method is simple and easy, just as your iPhone’s Home Button that you keep pressed to launch, there is the crown button on your Watch, and as result, you can see that brings up Siri. If you start giving talking to your watch, it starts converting the speech to text. Whenever you stop talking, it changes the mistakes. Now you can go hand off to your phone if you want to continue the message. So that’s one way of using Siri on your Apple Watch.


The second method to launch Siri on your Apple Watch is to just say “Hey Siri”, the Watch launches Siri. And you can start talking about it.



Apple Watch’s Siri is the best method you can interact with your Watch and is just a glimpse of the future that we are about to be witnessing within a decade. Artificial Intelligence being taken to a whole new, simpler, and much cooler way. Talking to Siri on your Watch is way cooler, as you get to feel yourself Agent 007 from the Bond Movie franchise.

So jokes apart, that is how you use Siri on your watch. It makes a lot easier to work your way you like with the watch, even if the iPhone is away. Hope you liked the blog.

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