How To View Desktop Version Of Websites In iOS 10

July 10, 2017 ( iOS )
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iOS device developers have always worked for their users’ comfort. Mobile version of websites is user friendly and takes less time to load. But sometimes people need a desktop version of a site for a better view and also because a lot of people are more familiar with the desktop version of websites. And it becomes easy with iOS 10 as you wouldn’t have to login from your desktop but you can use your phone for it.

Follow the guide below which will save you from the struggle of turning on your desktop.

Step By Step Guide:

First, open the safari web on your iOS device.


Step 2:

Tap the address bar on top, enter  the URL address and hit go.

Step 3:

Initially the mobile version of a site will open. When the page is loaded, tap on the icon with arrow pointing upwards. That’s a ‘share’ button at the bottom.

tap-on-share-sheet-in-ios-9-safariStep 4:

Scroll through the share option and you’ll finally find ‘request desktop site’, tap on it. 

Step 5:

The current page will then be converted into desktop version in just a few seconds.


Users should keep this in mind that the desktop version you request for is temporary, if you visit the same site again the default mobile version of a website will be opened. Desktop version takes and uses a lot of your data and battery. Also the font size will be smaller as the desktop version doesn’t fit the screen size. There are a lot more amazing features of iOS devices yet to be revealed in next articles.

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