How to optimize iPhone and iPad’s Battery Life

July 19, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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We depend on our smartphone more than anything else these days. It is a part of our daily life just like any other electronic item or equipment is. This makes us expect higher battery usage with lower drainage of the battery. Expecting a high battery isn’t a bad thing since we use our iPhone and iPad so much that it drains away the battery. This is the only major issue people are having with all their smartphone no matter what OS platform they use.

We will be discussing, how can you save your iPhone’s and iPad’s battery, this article is solely dedicated to all you out there, who are troubled by their iPhone and iPad batteries. Not to worry, after you have gone through this blog, you worry will certainly be lesser. And more battery will be on offer for you. There is numerous way in increasing the battery life of your iPhone & iPad. It is up to you to first pick yourself a method and notice the changes, then try another one. So without wasting any of your precious time, let us get started.

Tips & Tricks:

Software Updates:

The very first thing you should do whether you own an iPhone, iPad, MacBook or any other iDevice, always update to the latest version of the OS X, iOS, watchOS.  Why? The updates are packed with the latest technology that consists within them advanced energy saving skills.

Well, you now get it why software updates are essential for your iDevices don’t you?

Low Power Mode:

You must have noticed, whenever the battery gets to 20% a window pops up whether using iPhone or iPad, asking you to switch to Low Power mode. Its not enabled only when the battery gets low, you can visit the settings and enable low power mode. During Lower Mode, mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and many effects get turned off or are reduced. This results in significant increase in the battery life of iPhone and iPad.


Battery Usage:

An important action for you is to recognize where the battery is being drained. Or also the apps that are behind draining your iPhone & iPad batteries. You can check the battery usage, by visiting Battery under the Settings tab in your iOS device.


You can also do the options such as, disable background app refresh which is in General in Settings. Also turning off the push notifications for the specific app can help battery life.

Following actions can also save you large battery power. Have a look below:

  • Consider lowering the brightness of your screen, that does save you power.
  • Turning the WiFi off whenever not using or browsing the internet.
  • Remember to turn off the vibration.
  • Disable the Bluetooth.
  • Keeping only the useful stuff in Notifications.

These may sound small things to do, but they can save you a lot of juice altogether.


Location Services:

Turning off or disabling the Location Services can also help you save up the juice on your iOS device. As an active use of maps, GPS and location services has resulted in draining the battery life. As maps are updating continuously when enabled or are on.


As whenever the screen is on the iOS device’s battery is being consumed. Why waste your device’s energy when not using it, I recommend you set the Auto-Lock to 1 minute. And after a minute on stand-by the screen gets automatically locked.

Airplane Mode:

Setting your device to Airplane mode, whenever running low on battery, can help you suffice enough energy to prolong the device’s battery life for that instance. Not only that, whenever not requiring a wireless connection set your device on Airplane.


Make sure your device isn’t exposed to extremely high temperature as that can decrease and damage the battery life. Keep your device environment between 0ᵒC to 35ᵒC. Also using the device when charger’s plugged in, can heat up and raise the temperature. Causing battery harm.


Battery life is one thing that people always want to know about their phone. And even follow some measures, do tips and tricks to enhance and prolong the battery life. We have shared the key things that you can follow to keep your iPhone and iPad’s batteries in working condition for a longer period of time. In case, you want to keep your iDevice secure for a longer period, do follow these tricks, and your device may still remain in working condition for quiet some time.

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