The Ultimate iCloud Guide for iPhone/iPad

July 10, 2017 ( iPad ) , ( iPhone )
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Are you new to iOS and can’t figure your way through to the iCloud? It is no big deal with this blog you will be having no more questions left unanswered or troubles unsaid. We first need to understand what is Apple’s iCloud. iCloud is the online storage of Apple that works behind wearing the cloak of invisibility to keep the user’s data synced between iPhone, iPad, iMac and even the PCs.

This blog is solely worked out behind a single motive and that is to help you use iCloud on iPhone, iPad, and other devices. We will be looking over the feats and tips & tricks regarding the iCloud that you should know.

Initially you will be allowed 5GB free storage space for your iCloud, in case you want to see the full potential and what more it offers you will have to spend some dollars for that. Alright, let’s get started with it right away now!

The process comprises of the following steps, which we are going to discuss in detail.

Apple ID & Password:

The first thing that an iOS user needs is an Apple ID and Password which can be easily created by the user whenever free. Though for the iTunes user if you have been downloading or buying music through iTunes you might already have an account. Nothing to worry if you don’t have an iPhone already, simply switch on your iPhone or create your ID through the web by logging iCloud.


Updating your iOS version is optional and solely up to you whether you want to or not.

Enabling the iCloud:

You have your Apple ID and Password now you need to visit the settings which is located on your home screen. In settings dropdown until you see iCloud which is right over the “iTunes & App Store” menu and can easily be read. If you haven’t already signed in with your Apple ID and password it will ask you for the ID and Password, mine didn’t ask because I have already signed in on my iPhone.


iCloud Services:

Next screen is the user profile and the more than a dozen services such as mail, Safari, contacts, Photos and etc. And there is also a slider right next to the service names. Toggle the slider right if you wish to choose the services that you want to be synced across the various devices.



Most users will find it sufficing enough with the 5GB storage that is provided. But having a little extra won’t do any bad to you or your device. If you are nearly reaching the limits of your storage you can get an extra space by using a few dollars.
Right, to get extra space tap “Storage” which is found in the iCloud settings, followed by “Buy More Storage” link (colored in blue).
Next you will be given four plans (storage upgrade) which are listed below:

  1. $1 per month for 50GB.
  2. $3 per month for 200GB.
  3. $10 per month for 1TB.
  4. $20 per month for 2TB.


Tap the “Buy” option located on the top-right corner, next enter the Apple ID and Password and tap OK to confirm your purchase.


It is very easy to get and use the iCloud all you need to have is an Apple ID and it’s password and you can login any iOS device sync them together transfer data automatically through that or store your data on the iCloud. & in case you have reached the limit of your iCloud nothing to worry, get the storage space expansion buy one of the plans that we mentioned.

I hope you found it easy and helpful through our guide, we are going to be discussing many things further, so stay tuned.

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