Why Smart Apple Fans Are Buying Refurbished iPhones

May 15, 2018 ( iPhone )
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A refurbished iPhone is a pre-owned iPhone that has been sold again by a retailer. After being sold, the original owner may have chosen to return the phone because they changed their mind or the phone may have needed to be repaired (because of water damage, for example). The retailer will then repair the handset, delete data from it and test it before selling it again.

Because of the rigorous testing process that they go through, refurbished iPhones are often as good as new. Although they may have some minor cosmetic issues (for e.g. small scratches or barely noticeable marks), the phones work completely fine.

Many Apple fans are beginning to buy refurbished iPhones, but just what are its advantages when compared to a brand new handset?

Refurbished iPhones Are A Lot Cheaper

The main reason that Apple fans buy refurbished iPhones is that they are a lot cheaper than buying one brand new. Because refurbished handsets are pre-owned, retailers are unable to sell them as new even if they have only been used for a very short amount of time. The retailers opt to sell the phones for less so that they don’t lose money.

You could potentially save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a refurbished iPhone instead of a brand new model and that’s no exaggeration.

Let me give you an example: a brand new iPhone 8 Plus 64GB costs $799 compared to a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus 64GB which costs just $699. That’s a saving of $100. Can you afford to miss out on an offer like that?

However, it is important to note that discounts and deals come on a first come first served basis and there is high demand especially on refurbished iPhones. There may not always be stock of the refurbished handset that you’re looking for at a price that suits you, so keeping track of these savings is key. Price comparison platforms such as RefurbMe make it easy to get the best deals, allowing you to set up email notifications that alert you as soon as a price drop has gone live.

Buying a Phone Without a Contract

Buying a refurbished iPhone can also be cheaper than gaining access to the phone through a 24-month contract. When you total up the cost of a 24 month contract for a brand new iPhone X, for example, it costs almost $999 which is the same price as buying the iPhone X outright!

But this isn’t the only reason why buying a refurbished iPhone outright is a smart deal for Apple fans.

When you buy an iPhone outright, you are able to switch phones before your 24-month contract is up. You don’t have to argue with your carrier about a handset upgrade and you won’t have to pay a ludicrous amount of money to break your contract just so you can gain access to another phone, either.

You can easily switch phones before your contract is up as well. For Apple fans, this is particularly good news as you can sell your refurbished iPhone and put that money towards the next new iPhone.

Get Full Idea of What the Phone Offers

Refurbished iPhones typically become available through refurbished phone retailers just a few months after their initial release. For example, refurbished versions of the iPhone 8 were available from November 22nd, which is just two months after the handset’s initial launch on September 22nd. If you don’t mind the wait, it gives you a great opportunity to save as well get the latest iPhone.

People are basically susceptible to the hype of a new iPhone at launch. Marketing campaigns are in full swing and the iPhone’s new features may be pulling on you like a magnet. But in the short time it takes for the iPhones to be available as refurbished and you’re patient till then, you’re able to get a complete idea of what the phone offers.

By then, many reviews about the phone will have been published, highlighting all of the good points as well as the bad (if there are any). You’ll also have tons of user guides and tips and tricks you can read to make the most of the handset. Plus, if there are any software issues, these may have been discovered and patched out by the time you buy your refurbished model. So not only do you save money by purchasing a refurbished iPhone, but you can also be more confident in your purchase.

Although lots of people buy brand new iPhones, it’s the smart Apple user who buy their iPhones refurbished. So many people are put off by the high retail price of brand new smartphones that a study from Counterpoint Technology Market Research reveals that 1 out of 10 devices sold around the world are now refurbished.

These figures are only set to grow as more and more people realize that buying refurbished phones puts the ‘smart’ into ‘smartphone user.’

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